influence4youLeading influencer marketing agency in Europe since 2012, publishes fourth book Dedicated to Marketing and Communications Professionals: ” How to Exceed Your Objectives with Influence Marketing? , And Influence4 gives it to you!

This new book will explain Why influencer marketing has been the fastest growing medium for the past 5 years , The largest groups have invested heavily in influence marketing because they understand that 15-40 year olds no longer watch TV,

However, this media may seem complicated to master,

The cost of an impressive campaign is difficult to assess And The results of campaigns may seem far from business indicators to you, Reach, engagement rate, EMV… but not sales, awareness or brand preference.

with some concrete ideas to implementThis book will allow you to determine whether Whether this lever suits your business or not and to knowHow to concretely measure the impact of your campaigns on the behavior of its consumers.

“How to exceed your objectives by influencing marketing? ,

  • With regard to what results can be expected from influence marketing? Consumer psychology and needs ,
  • real business impact measurement of an effective marketing campaign
  • Of product launch example with influencer marketing
  • For making accompany or internalize campaign management
  • speech of many Experts, Advertisers and Agencies Like, Dentsu, Beautéprivé, Amazon Prime Video…

if you want to search right lever Designed to promote your company’s products and services, “How to exceed your objectives with influencer marketing? » you ,

and good news, Influence4You offers you the PDF version of the book! Download it for free here,

Article written in collaboration with Influence4U