How to drop your cold email strategy

Fail your cold email strategy, This has happened to all of us at least once, especially when starting out in marketing and mass emailing. Result: You’ve sent hundreds, even thousands, of emails to promote your business and hope to find customers…

Only here, 90% of your emails are not opened and probably end up in the trash. Of the remaining 10%, 5% are reported as spam, or even blacklisted and ultimately none of your chances respond to you.

Some professionals and agencies are even champions of dubious prospecting emails. We have all received this type of email at least once. You know, that guy out of nowhere who totally wants to sell you something you don’t need.

We’ll see together how and why aggressive cold emailing doesn’t work.

For Remember your cold prospectingAll you have to do is write a nice email that talks only about you, your rates, and more or less aggressively tells your prospect to buy and you’re done.

I get dozens of emails like this every year.

Example #1 of Ineffective Cold Emailing

Subject: Offering Low Cost Services

(company name), be satisfied or refund

We are a specialist SEO Agency – Website Building

– With 10 years experience –

hello dear customer,

My name is (person’s name) is (name) the agency is located in (country/city). We are experts in the field of web marketing. Today, I am contacting you to provide you our services at the best prices:

1. Referring to a position with guaranteed results (whether in the top 10 or the top 5)

2. Website Creation with Responsive and Personalized Design

3. Professional Community Manager

4. E-Reputation

5. E-mailing Service for SMEs

6. Low cost web writing but original and unique articles.

If this interests you, feel free to contact us in order to bring our cooperation to a successful conclusion.

wish you a very happy day



To know more, visit our website

Mistake #1: Email Subject

If from your email subject line, you start talking about price, that’s it. There is little chance that your email will be opened.

Plus, just because you justify a lower price doesn’t mean people will want to buy. If what you’re offering is of little value or useful and doesn’t solve a potential problem, you can be sure that this email won’t be opened.

So, don’t neglect your email subject line. badly thought it could make you all alone Memorize Your Cold Email Strategy,

Mistake n ° 2: Catchphrase

At first the use of capital letters stings the eyes and at the same time you look like a big snake. Especially since it’s completely seamless. From the first lines, you show that you are only going to talk about yourself, not your prospect, nor his needs.

Mistake N° 3: Hello dear customer

When you cold email, it’s clear that the people you’re talking to are not your customers. This type of sentence deepens the point a bit and shows your carelessness.

Mistake N ° 4: Promising mountains and wonders

Never make promises that you cannot keep. As a self-respecting consultant, we cannot promise clients that we will be in the top 5 or 10, nor will we generate X in excess revenue.

And to do so is a big mistake. When your client learns that your promise has been broken, they won’t hesitate to tell you that they think you’re making fun of them.

Such a technique for attracting cash cows is the carrot, nothing more. By doing this, you are disrespecting your customer and you are just another fraudster who only cares about his bottom line.

Example #2 of Cold Emailing Should Never Be Done

Hello, We are an outsourcing agency based in (country). We specialize in the fields of Visual Recognition and Graphics, Writing, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Web Development, Remote Secretarial Services, Outsourced Accounting and we would like to offer you our services to optimize your activities. We provide various services related to design and visuals such as: creation of logos, video and photo montages to enhance your web interface. We will create for you a unique, innovative visual identity that reflects your image. We do all types of writing, whether it’s writing professional documents or writing web content, as well as mailing. For writing, we offer a rate of 0.015 € / word with article quality according to Google standards. We can also ensure the management of your relationship, whether it is after sales service, customer advisory or customer loyalty. We support you in your development like website building, SEO projects to better optimize your project. We are committed to meeting your needs as quickly as possible, all at very competitive prices. We are very responsive and available to your requests and thanks to our many years of experience and our resources, we guarantee you an excellent quality service. In addition, you will pass the test with our agency to be able to judge for yourself.

Mistake #1: Formatting

Needless to say, such a sidewalk, with no spaces or anything, it’s especially indigestible to read.

Mistake n ° 2: The rush of service offers

Here, we learn that this box is a real gas factory that provides services that sometimes have nothing to do with each other: communications, marketing, customer relations, accounting, secretarial work, etc.

The more offers there are, the more everyone you want to target, the lower the quality. We may have several related attributes, but in this case, it is too many that have no relation between them and it is the customer who is wronged.

Mistake n ° 3: Guaranteed quality at a low price

If you have ever bought cheap products from China on Amazon or Wish, then you will understand the full meaning of this error.

Quality rarely goes hand in hand with a low price and when your customer notices your mediocrity, they won’t hesitate to give you a negative opinion and repeat it all.

Why doesn’t aggressive cold email work?

beyond the mistakes we just saw and that can make you miss your cold emailThere are many other factors that explain why aggressive or annoying cold email doesn’t work at all.

1 – Your prospect doesn’t know you

It is a fact, your prospect has never asked you to contact them, and they have never heard from you. For him, you come out of nowhere, so it makes no sense to make him a business offer from the first contact.

It is often said that marketing is like a romantic relationship. In the beginning, you have to get to know each other, find the other, seduce and then, if it matches there is a commitment on the part of both the parties.

2 – You talk only about yourself

“We This, We That, Our Services, I Me, Me Me”. In short, you’re only talking about yourself, your company, and its services and I’ll be clear with you: your prospects don’t care about you.

Chance looks no further than the tip of his nose and his problems. If you are not in a position to take interest in him, value him and provide solution to his problem, then your message gets lost.

Imagine you meet a complete stranger, you start a conversation and this person only talks about them, regardless of what you do, what you like, etc. The same person will not make a good impression on you and will just come across as a person with a big ego.

Remember that you will only have one chance to make a good first impression. If you miss out on your entry, there is little chance that it will end up in a buy.

3 – You want to sell at all costs

To give you an example, imagine you’re walking quietly down the street and someone says, “Hey, Miss, you’re cute. Don’t you have a 06?”

Usually, the boy just looks like a big dog loser. It is also perceived as an intrusion into your personal space and is often overlooked or even shamed as a result of this technique. Uncontrolled cold emailing is exactly that.

You should never make a business offer from the first contact. We are no longer in the 90s. Marketing has changed and the way we look at it has also changed.

Today’s customer educates himself, seeks information, seeks opinion, in short, he thinks. If you do not take into account the psychological aspect of your goal in your marketing strategy, it will be ineffective.


To make a successful first contact via cold email, you should remember one thing: Your primary goal is not to sell but to start a conversation.

Put yourself in your prospect’s place for two seconds: Would you like to receive this type of message? If the answer is no, you need to review your Cold Emailing Tactics So Don’t Miss It,

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