How to download your audio recording?

Still Twitter can’t save your audio recordings to the audio platform? Twitter Spaces introduces a new feature that will delight you…

A big innovation on the Twitter space

Twitter first launched Spaces in November 2020 to capitalize on Clubhouse’s success with its version of an audio-focused chat room. Twitter describes Spaces as “a meeting place, your Twitter community built around the voices of the people who use Twitter.” In other words, like Clubhouse, the Twitter audio space will allow a user to come together for a live conversation with another person or group of users. As soon as they are, you will see them. Once completed, they will no longer be publicly available on Twitter.

One of the more obvious options that audio apps like Clubhouse lack — or other native audio features on other platforms — is the ability to record live audio and download it for later use.

With thousands of discussions going on at the same time, it’s hard to participate in them all or choose which one to participate in. Although this can be achieved with third-party tools and software, there is no native solution yet.

In the case of Twitter, although it does not provide a native recording feature, it retains the audio recording for 30 days. Now, in a bid to quickly build out its live audio product, Twitter has announced that it allows hosts to download these recordings.

4 Steps to Download Twitter Space Audio Recordings

The records will be available in the “Data” of the host data download. For this :

  1. go to Settings”;
  2. Click “Your Account,” then go to the “Download and store your data” tab.
  3. Click “Request Archive” and Twitter will notify you when a ZIP file of your Twitter data is available.
  4. When you find the ZIP file, you can open it to find your Space audio files in the Data folder.

Twitter says this process takes about 24 hours, though it could take longer.

Of course, hosts will need to make sure they have the consent of their speakers if they want to use the audio later. They will be the only ones who can download the audio files, not the participants.

good to know : How to create Twitter Spaces within the Twitter mobile application.

Twitter now allows all users of iOS and Android devices to host Twitter Spaces.

To create a space:

  • Tap the Twitter space icon (the four little circle icons) in the Twitter navigation menu at the bottom of the screen;
  • Tap the new Space icon in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • Enter the name of your Twitter space. You can also press up to three theme buttons, corresponding to the theme of your location;
  • When you’re ready to use your Twitter Spaces, tap “Get started now” above your device’s keyboard.

The new Twitter Spaces registration option is rolling out

In late October, Twitter also announced that it is now up to Twitter Spaces chat hosts to save and share their content. The feature is rolling out to a limited number of Twitter Spaces hosts on iOS and should be available to all hosts “within a few weeks.” This feature allows hosts to record a Twitter Spaces conversation and share the recording in a single tweet.

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