How to define your colors for your visual identity: Tips and tricks

choose your colors for your logo It’s not an easy thing! They should convey a positive emotion and capture the attention of their target. Also, we must understand your activity through them. They should be allies and marry perfectly. To define complementary colors, I suggest you read some tips! This will help you build your brand, your products, but at the same time any type of visual communication…

Choose the colors of your activity

Each field of activity consists of very specific colors and according to a particular trade. The colors can perfectly match your core business, and what you want to get out of it. To do this, find out about colors to use in your craft, A very simple trick: analyze the colors defined on 100 people of your activity on the Internet. This will give you an idea of ​​the vowels you can use. Finally, be different! The goal is not to have the same color as your competitors, but to adjust it to suit your tastes and what you want to convey to your readers.

For example, communication is often interpreted as blue to orange. You’ll understand why this choice of color is on the graphic charter of webmarketing and .com! Don’t hesitate to read our article on color definitions to learn a little more!

set up a mood board

Finding your first thoughts requires selecting some interesting scenes. Selecting the prettiest views of your competitors is an essential solution to defining a mood board. choose your colors while creating an identity. Thanks to a number of online resources, you can create your own visual examples. The goal here is not to reproduce the existing, but to draw inspiration from it to create a unique identity.

In order to properly develop your mood board, it is essential to establish in-depth research on your competitors’ graphic charts, products and layouts so that they can be assimilated into a single visual. So this scene will involve a selection on your part, which will eventually reduce your field of vision.

use complementary colors

Just use a color wheel to check if your colors match each other properly. thanks for this wonderful color wheel, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the colors used during your construction. It is essential that your colors are complementary. Lastly, don’t be too hasty by heeding these graphic rules, topping it all up with a slew of eye-catching and unique colors! It’s not trivial to break a few rules in the world of graphic design for this.

Check that the Colors Are Printable

In colorimetry, there are two color modes. CMYK and RGB mode. You need to make sure that your colors are in CMYK format, especially for your ad impressions, RGB mode is dedicated any graphic design on the web In college. Also be aware that screen color is not the same for everyone. I suggest you make your mark and test the colors with a standard screen. Then try to print a sample to check if the color is right!

Courage between cold and heat

Warm colors create heat and energy, but can also represent danger, warning. you must use cool colors To avoid any kind of negativity. As for cool colors, they are synonymous with freshness and calm. Use them to decorate your designs and soothe the spirits. Playing between cool colors and warm colors to develop a graphic chart can have a huge impact on your communication!

Use a Color Palette Generator Tool

With a few online tools, you can easily generate associative and married colors. For example, Adobe Color is a Pallet Generation Tool Interesting and easy to learn. Finally, after exporting your file and integrating it into your graphical chart, the color palettes can be reworked upwards. Be careful, only use tools that provide compatible colors in CMYK so that there are no unpleasant surprises! If you want to know some tool, don’t hesitate to read the tools used to generate its colors.

Check each color background

You should also note that each color should be available for light and dark. For example, a logo on a white background can also be designed in another color on a black background. For this to be ergonomic, try 3 color background ,

  • a white background;
  • a black background;
  • A solid-colored background of your graphic charter.

The main color of your graphic charter is important. Validate this color only if it has worked and is complemented with various other color backgrounds.

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