How to Create the Best Facebook Sponsored Posts?

Social networks are an essential tool to reach your audience quickly. However, sometimes, your brand needs a small increase in engagement and impressions. Whatever your reason for wanting to bring more attention to our brand, sponsored posts on Facebook are almost always the best solution…

As a reminder, a sponsored post is an ad created using a post on your Facebook Business Page. If you want your organic post to get more exposure on your Page and reach a new and/or larger audience, you can promote or promote your post.

Your message will be seen by more people. This can help increase direct brand awareness and user engagement, as well as indirectly impact website traffic if a link and potentially conversions occur.

Facebook sponsored posts appear directly in the News Feed. Users see ads while scrolling, and the feature is visible as much as posts from close friends.

At this time, there are two ways to boost a post: directly through your organic post or through Facebook Ads Manager.

Sponsored posts work best if they run occasionally and go alongside your traditional Facebook ad campaigns. They are effectively short-lived and have limitations, thus only being unable to achieve your lower funnel goals, such as sales.

So how do you optimize them?

In this article, you will learn how to create the best sponsored posts on Facebook.

let’s go !

Retarget Existing Visitors

Retargeting is a great way to re-engage with your one-time visitors and drive them back to your website. Targeting your website visitors can be very effective because after all, these are the people who are coming to your website and already reading your articles.

they include:

  • contact list : These are customers and contacts downloaded from your CRM system or your mailing lists;
  • site visitors : These are users who have visited your website, taken specific actions on it. These are used to retarget Facebook ads;
  • app user : They encourage users to take actions such as making in-app purchases.

Once you’ve set up retargeting using the Facebook pixel, you can also segment your target audience by pages visited. Be sure to promote articles they are more likely to respond to.

Choose your images well

Image ads are ideal when you want to create ads quickly or don’t have a big budget. Single image ads are the standard for successful Facebook advertising. They are easy to share, provide a clean format to promote your brand and are one of the most effective advertising formats.

90% of the information that reaches the brain is visual. We process image-based information 60,000 times faster than text. Thus the selection of images is essential for a sponsored publication on Facebook.

You can create a Facebook ad directly from your Facebook Page as a boosted post, or if you want more detailed targeting options, you can create one in Facebook Ads Manager.

use video

Visual content continues to gain traction on social media, and the king of visual content is video. Attractive and aesthetically pleasing video content will definitely engage users with your sponsored posts! Note that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so it’s a good idea to include a caption where there is speech. The ideal is to use videos with vertical or square dimensions. Since most people hold their phones vertically, you’ll be making more use of the screen.

create a unique title

A successful sponsored post campaign starts with a great headline. A unique title will always trigger emotions and make users curious to find out what is behind that post.

Find 37 examples of proven hooks in this article.

provide a CTA

When creating your Facebook ad content, don’t forget to add a call to action (CTA). There are different call-to-action buttons available for Facebook ads.

It could be something like “Get Directions”, “Buy Now” or just “Learn More”. CTAs are very important if you want your sponsored posts to inspire viewers to do something. Try out the buttons available with different objectives and ad formats. You’ll see which ones encourage your audience to take action.

use emoticons

Use emoji in your Facebook sponsored posts to create great content. This will create a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere.

At the same time, emoji visually break up the text. Since you can’t use bullets or bold text in Facebook sponsored posts, this is important for long-running ads.

Boost your results!

If you have a post that has high organic engagement, but you want to push it even further with a new audience, promote it! Promote it and extend its reach and publication period. Users engage with a post or ad if more people have already done so.

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