How to create quality content and be consistent?

Your wish Prove your expertise? Show your values? But find customers even without prospecting? So creating quality content on a regular basis is the key that will open doors for you to grow your business! And then content creation has become a war vein over the years, and it will be more and more. Social media platforms are fighting for you to last as long as possible and for that people have to have quality content to stay alive! This is why writing quality content on a regular basis has become so important…

You know that feeling, you’re used to sending out your newsletter to your audience at 8 a.m. Monday, then you get that blog post or podcast episode every Thursday at 9 a.m.

All of this takes time and involves A huge mental load!

Because you have to sit in front of your PC, open your .doc document, face a blank page… and the time goes by, the deadline is approaching, feel that the heart beat faster and the louder the knocking. Is.


It usually happens at this time that you give up, And that you will say to yourself tomorrow or later… but you know deep down that the newspaper won’t come out on time or the blog article will be for next week


Let me tell you it’s not inevitable! Far from it, and fortunately.

let me tell you that writing your content can become a real pleasure, I will also go to say medicine.

let you know After reading this article, you will establish simple, effective techniques for writing quality content on a regular basis.

I am often asked the question “How do I write my daily newspaper? But to write several articles per month, not to mention posts with high added value on social networks?

Because in addition to content creation, you also have to do prospecting, work with clients, and do a little administration and often, medium-term content creation is left out!

But creating great content takes time, often a lot of time. Do you remember your article which took more than 10 hours to write? Or this newsletter that took 4:37? you thought “How do those who write everyday do it?”

I assure you, the more you practice, the more fluid it becomes!

And with the tips that come and go, and you’ll implement it, it will be easier for your audience to write.

I would consider 3 key points on this topic: Quality, Consistency and Creativity.

write quality content

We’re not going to lie: it’s so frustrating to spend hours writing, publishing, promoting your content and not seeing anyone read it!

We could have lost early. Fortunately, there are techniques to make yourself visible to your audience like the one described in this article.

Then, I assure you over time SEO does its job!

But to be read by the right people from the start, it will take a bit of work.

And especially, learn about topics that interest your audience as much as possible! Because even with very high quality content, if what you write is a thousand miles away from your audience want to readWell it’s missed!

Thus, knowing your ideal customer, This is the golden rule! We always come back to the same point, it’s fundamental! But, isn’t it better to build your business on a sound foundation than the latest hack from some unscrupulous marketer?

regularity to create quality content

It’s a little bit in the moment that we arrive at the beautiful piece, how to be regular, meet and present your audience, no matter what the cost!

The key to continuity? It’s organization, from my point of view.

And I’m going to show you 3 techniques for getting organized and therefore regular.

1/ What we don’t want to tell you!

Yes, I think unfortunately this advice is never given by the gurus of the organization. They sell you training on the organization without telling you the key is knowing how you work.

Because what works for a guru may not necessarily work for you.

So getting to know you better will help you create an outfit that is right for you.

So in the beginning you have to test things like miraculous morning, without waking up, writing in the morning, at night, at night.

It takes time to find an organization that works for you, but it’s only profit once you understand how you work. And accept that getting to know each other is still an extraordinary adventure.

this will allow you to create a routine, which is an essential element for your regular content creation!

2 / routine to write content regularly

Why Establish Routines?

You know we have a limited number of options to make per day, ie 35,000. It goes from how you decided to dress (from sock to coat choice) but also what you’re going to eat or even all the decisions you made for work.

This is why Mark Zuckerberg always wears the same clothes, this allows him to make more business-oriented decisions.

So setting up a routine for your content creation will help.

The point is, like when you wash your teeth in the morning, it becomes something normal, normal and most importantly, not painful.

3/ BatchingAn organizational technique for writing quality content

What is batching?

Batching is a simple technique that allows you to Group work together! It saves you the hassle of multitasking. You can even stop time in your diary for tasks you group together, it’s called time blocking!

For example, instead of replying to an email every time you get itGive yourself two slots during the day or you can read, reply and archive your emails.

The batching method allows you to stay in the flow longer and achieve the intensive work developed by Cal Newport.

In content creation, you can:

  1. brainstorm your ideas, i.e. brainstorming sessions around the next material;
  2. Blocking half a day for writing is called time blocking;
  3. Layout and correct multiple articles in a row and then program them.

To end this organizational part in style, I invite you to keep an editorial calendar. Thus, it strongly invites you to create a medium where you see your regularity, your progress. Make this appointment to your audience, but also yourself.

creativity Creating quality content is the key

How to get views down to the minute? How to Avoid Blank Page Syndrome? Question we all asked ourselves!

I reveal my suggestions to you so that you no longer find yourself in front of a blank page.

The simplest and most effective bus isAsk your audience. This could be through your social networks or through your newsletter.

It happens to me every day that my readers respond to me, because what they’ve read raises a question that gives me an idea for an article, newsletter, or even online training. This, to me, is the best way to create quality content that is sure to satisfy my audience.

Then I have to be honest with you! Intelligence does not come like this.

So, yes, it is often said that the best ideas come in the shower or when you are out for a walk, it is true!

But before having thoughts, you have to feed yourself, and for that you have to consume ingredients.

Regardless of the format of the content, You should read, listen, watch at least on daily basis so that you can give yourself new ideas, make links between different subjects, To create new perspectives, and that’s really what’s exciting when you’re a content creator! It is also showing the world with different eyes, creating new concepts, bringing forth new ideas.

Also, when a thought comes to mind, I invite you to write it somewhereLike a notebook, an app, but in a place you know you’ll come back to, not on a sticky note that’s about to get lost.

And when you have an idea, also write down the shot that comes to your mind, the point of view or angle you want to approach, I also invite you to note the location and click that you had .

This will allow you, when you are in front of your blank page, to naturally bring your thoughts back to your mind.

Trust me, sometimes when we just have a title, it doesn’t get us very far!

We always think that we are going to remember this idea, or point of view, but in reality not, we rely heavily on our memory.

In short, to be regular in your content creation and create remarkable content, be creative, organized and close to your audience.

And you, what is your main difficulty in creating your content?

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