How to create a working email sequence?

Do you have a large email list and want to know how to build a good email sequence capable of reaching as many prospects as possible? You have found the right article. I’ll show you how to write an email sequence that works every time and that will click on as many possibilities as possible…

This trick allows me to write email sequences for my customers whose click-through rate always exceeds 25%. So I know the topic and I will share it with you.

Here are the results I’m getting with my clients thanks to the mail sequence method I’m going to show you.

ideal number of emails

Over time, we see that people do not like to be bothered by spam mails. Neither are you, I’m wrong. So do the same with your email sequence. Do not do this with maximum number of emails aimed at spamming your prospects. It’s a shock that they all unsubscribe from your mailing list. Ultimately, you want to build a good email order. So make your streak enjoyable for your prospects.

The ideal number of emails for a sequence is between 4 and 7 emails. It’s not a lot and it’s more than enough to promote your product to your prospects. But don’t go now! Now you have to know how often to send them and what to talk about in an email.

What is the sending frequency?

Sending frequency is very important when you want to build a good email sequence. It takes the right dose between regularly sending emails without spamming your prospects. It is recommended to send a maximum of one email per day to your potential customers. That’s what works best. Enough to keep them active without unsubscribing. Also, there is a good chance that your prospect will unsubscribe from your list. Below is the risk of not taking into account your prospects for your product. The ideal time to send an email is in the time slot to start work, i.e. between 9 AM to 10 AM. That way, you’ll reach as many people as possible, as people usually open their emails in the morning or early at work.

What to talk about in your email?

There is one rule that you absolutely must follow when you want to build a good email order. You should never talk about your product by email in the first place. It is a one-way ticket to failure. The goal, first of all, is to establish a discussion with your prospects. In your first email, talk about a vague topic with your prospect related to the topic of your products. If you want to showcase your travel company, first talk about the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You have to intrigue the prospect with your email. Here’s how to reach the discussion with your first email.

The second email will serve as a hook. You have to play with the sensitive points of your possibilities. To come back to the travel example, your second email should talk about the fact that many people miss the opportunity to visit beautiful places because of the cost or lack of travel and time. It is necessary as we say “to open a wound to possibility”. He wants him not to miss an opportunity and ask himself through this email.

The third email will serve as a primer for your product revelation. but beware ! To make a good email sequence, we do not reveal it here, but in the next email. Here, it would be nice to let the prospect know that there may be a solution to the plague that we voluntarily opened the email before. Man, when he is injured, seeks treatment, do we agree? So if you tell your prospects that you have a solution to “heal their wounds”, it will make them curious to know what your solution is.

So the fourth email is your product presentation that will heal the wound of your prospects. You need to highlight the benefits that your product brings to your prospects and how it will help them feel better. Your product must be successful in filling the gap that your potential customers feel. If they want to fill that gap, they will click through and buy your product.

From there other emails will be used by people who haven’t clicked on email 4. These will be reminder emails aimed at presenting an offer with a limited duration (eg a reduction). The goal here is to convert the rest of the leads.

in short

In short, if you want to build a good email sequence, your sequence should be between 4 and 7 emails and that you send at most one per day to keep potential people’s attention without spamming them.

The email should preferably be sent at the beginning of the day when the working hours start between 9 am and 10 am to reach as many people as possible.

Finally, there is a precise diagram to follow for the content of each email in your sequence. Don’t sell your product on the first email. The goal here is to “open a wound to possibility”. This is exactly the wound we would thank for presenting our product as a solution to the prospect.

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