How to create a poll on Instagram via Story?

Don’t use Instagram polls often, if at all? Might be time to take an interest in this, as there are more benefits than just convenience. In addition to being a fun approach to interacting with your followers, it allows you to highlight a product or feature without being too hyped. Whether you use Android and iOS, follow all these simple steps to create an Instagram story poll…

Why should you be interested in surveys on Instagram?

With over 1.16 billion monthly active users, Instagram should be a part of your social media strategy. According to these Instagram key statistics, Instagram stories are particularly effective in influencer marketing campaigns. For example, 4 million businesses use Instagram Stories ads every month.

An Instagram story offers many fun and creative features to unlock its immense potential, and ultimately Build engagement and grow your brand, Among them, there’s the impact of the survey: it’s a great way to get in touch with your audience in a really authentic way.

You can also use it for:

  • study the market;
  • give a gift ,
  • share your content ,
  • gather accurate information ,
  • Get to know your audience better ,
  • increase engagement Because polls are very useful for Instagram algorithm.

We’ll see some interesting ideas for using them later, but first, let’s see together how to create a poll on an Instagram story.

Steps to create a poll on Instagram

  • After opening the Instagram app, create a story by tapping on your profile icon at the top left of the screen;
  • Select or take a photo that will be used as support for the survey. To take a photo, tap the circle at the bottom of the screen. If you want to select a photo or video from your Camera Roll, tap the small image icon in the bottom left of the screen. You can also tap the “Aa” CREATE icon to display a blank background;
  • Display the menu for adding publications using the “Stickers” icon (in the form of a small square smiley);
  • Press the “Poll” icon in the context menu. You will be able to ask a question with two possible answers;
  • Tap “Ask a Question,” then type your question or a short phrase about the topic of the survey. For regular voting, tap “yes and no” to edit the answer, or leave the box as is if appropriate to your question.
  • Once the question and answer fields are configured, tap “Done”.

In the lower right corner of your screen, tap the arrow button to reveal a share menu with three privacy options. Tap “Close Friends” to share the poll with your list of close friends, or tap “Your Story” (the default setting) to share your poll to all your followers.

You can search for a friend to send the survey via Direct Message or choose one from the suggested list. In this case, select “Message” and press the “Send” button next to each recipient.

In addition, you can publish your surveys done through Instagram to Facebook. Tap on “Sharing Options” and select the desired option. If you’re not interested in posting it to Facebook, select “Not Now.” When you’re done, go back to the main menu and tap “Share.”

Good Ideas for Using Instagram Story Polls

Do you find it very interesting to create an Instagram story poll, but have no idea how to use it in your social media strategy?

You certainly know that it allows you to learn more about your audience, but you don’t know how to use them concretely?

ask yes or no questions

The question ended by answering yes or no is the simplest survey. You can use it to get an opinion or use it as a quick test to gauge your audience’s interest in a product or service.

  • do you like x? yes or no
  • Would you be interested in X (product/service)? yes or no
  • Have you seen X? yes or no

ask a question X or Y

To get a precise answer and better understand your audience’s preferences, you can replace yes or no in the poll sticker with two separate answers.

  • How much would you pay for X? Less than 5€ or more than 5€?
  • Which content would you like to see more of? Video or infographic?
  • What color do you like on the site? blue or yellow?

Do you have any other Instagram poll ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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