How to cooperate with influential people in China?

In China, influencers are called KOL (Key Opinion Leaders). They are over a million, they are now the main content creator in the country, and are heavily used by brands to promote and sell products…

The big question that I get asked…”Olivier, how to cooperate with the Chinese KOLs? ,

  • Do I have to pay them?
  • Can they talk about my products for free?
  • Can they work on commission?

Is KOL Marketing Effective?

One of the marketing strategy skyrocketing worldwide and in China Cooperation with influencers. On social networks, these are usually called KOL (Key Opinion Leader).

This technology is even more than recommended if brands want to effectively penetrate this country with 950 million Internet users. KOLs are considered experts in one area, and Their impact on a brand is really substantial.

1- If your brand is not known

Cooperation with influential people is limited, it will be economic. In other words, the influencer will have to pay a high price to talk about the brand or products.

The sales potential is also limited, as consumers will not trust you and influencers will not push the “new” product.

2- If your brand is known

If your brand is known, there are variations for collaboration. But how to do it ?

Submit product for publication

can brand send one of their product, up to the KOLs selected from it. In return, they would be expected to make a publication.

If you’re selling an expensive product, there’s a good chance he’ll accept.

An expensive and well-known product, for example a luxury bag…

If you are selling a mid-range product… it has very little chance of being successful.

Can I hit a big KOL?

No, if he agrees not to pay, he will be a subtle influencer. Big KOLs don’t want to pay in products.

What will he do for you?

They may post a video, photo or even an article that mentions and describes the “offered” products.

KOLs like to pay per post, they stay away from it.

KOLs are selected based on their notoriety on social networks. The more customers they have in their account, the better. A fan of influencers then becomes a direct audience of the brand’s promotion.

As Internet users rely on their ideal, they are Is more able to listen to him and hence buys the products recommended by him.

KOL. send a limited edition

Brand can also choose send a limited edition of their product. This choice will reinforce the brand’s interest for the influencer. The latter will then be touched and of course invited to share the gift with its customers, Rare, which he received.

did that givenchy during his collaboration with Mr Bags : only 80 bags of version mini horizon Brands (source).

a splendid gift worth talking about,

post sharing

Brands may decide to do something else for less tracking: create their own ads and posts, all on their own Weibo, Red Page, etc. And ask KOL to share the post.

KOLs are then invited Share content already created by brands,

This option allows companies to get their hands on broadcasts, and to highlight exactly what they want.

This solution makes it possible to hold fans of the influencer, but also Gain visibility to KOL’s customers and fans Which will automatically see the content shared by their idol.

This technique is bearing fruit and is widely used at present, especially Chinese micro-blogging site: Weibo (Read the article on social networks in China).

Can they share for free? not usually.

The advantage of this is to create buzz and create buzz about the brand with multiple influencers talking about a topic.

Use KOLS in Content Strategy

Inviting web stars to share branded content on your account is a winner and leads to a significant increase in visibility. But this is also the case when you Add stars directly to your campaigns,

It’s a bit old-fashioned technology, with L’Oréal as a perfect example brand ambassador.

Like Robert Pattinson Joe’s ad turns into dior to sell your perfume, L’Oreal Chosen angelababy To introduce our brand products in China Maybelline,

IAvoid KOL for events

In view of still having control over broadcast content, brands can Invite KOLs to participate in special events, In the meantime, KOLS will be able to take multiple photos and then publish them online.

Members will be curious and want to know what happened at these events. often try brands transmit their values the influencers. They will tell their story about how their products are made, how they are distributed, and more.

a decoration is ready And specially designed for eventing.

Why ? For photos/videos published online by KOLs always: Must be beautiful and attractive ,

KOL will be enabled to be paid by the day, or they can also get small gifts of the brand when leaving the event (Gift they can talk to network later…).

For example, the Lifan brand (Snacks) invited a panel of influencers to host a show where they savor specialties.

Tookaisser the KOLs sell brands at their private stores

Today, KOL has become a real celebrity and we must take advantage of them impact on brands,

They are so free and well paid that few have their own own virtual online store, it is a matter li jia qiWell known lipstick seller. he started to Promote products from your online store to touch Higher number of customers.

Profitable result: His employer’s business grew, and our salesman got a bad reputation.

It is now paid for by many brands who want See their products in live video , live streaming – From KOL.

Hope this makes for a promising sharing.

Because No, Believing a Brand of Lipstick Isn’t Always the Same hermes who was criticized for his new Lipstick live online li jia qi,

For information, LijiaQi asks between 100,000€ and 300,000€ (+ commission on sales) for a live stream with these 40 million followers on Douyin (TikTok).

In general, influencers make money in China, quite a bit (more info here)

To answer your questions:

  • Does a brand have to pay KOL in China? Yes
  • Can they talk about my products for free? No
  • Can they work on commission? yes fixed + commission

The price often depends on the popularity of the brand.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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