How to convince the customer on the sales page: 4 psychological leverage

There are different ways to get a potential customer to take action. One of the points I want to discuss with you today is How to convince customer on sales page?

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A sales page is a web page on which a service or product appears, and whose purpose is to convert a visitor into a customer.

It encapsulates a need, it puts brakes on buying and it throws light on some statistics.

The sales page usually redirects to the payment page. So let’s quickly find out what the 4 psychological leverage are Convey a customer on a sales page.

1. Convince customers to gain their trust

The first step is important. Without it, all subsequent actions are of no use.

So before you think about anything else, you have to gain customer trust,

It is the basis of any relationship, friendly or professional. If you want to convert a customer into a potential customer, show them that you are a reliable person or business. customer value honesty and transparency,

To gain customer trust, you can use reciprocity techniques, This is a very strong and very effective theory of influence. Although this can be seen as manipulation, you can still use it wisely.

This technology is well illustrated with the principle of “serving service”.

When someone does something for us, when they serve us, we feel indebted. We feel obliged to indirectly do him a favor in return.

2. Prove the usefulness of a product or service to convince the customer on the sales page

Any product or service must satisfy a need, This is the key to the success of any sales. It is necessary to understand and qualify the period of need.

For this, we will base ourselves on a recognized marketing principle: needs according to Maslow’s pyramid. Thanks to this pyramid, we realize that one product or service can meet different needs. These vary depending on the individual.

A product or service may satisfy the following requirements:

  • primary needs : These are psychological needs, which we need in order to survive (to eat, drink etc.);
  • need for security : physical, moral or even financial security;
  • need to be related : it is the need to be part of a group within society;
  • need for respect : This need corresponds to the recognition expected from those around him;
  • personal fulfillment needs : This is one of the most important points affecting a person.

For Convince a Customer on a Sales Page, you know that you must meet at least one of these requirements.

Always remember to keep in mind that no product will meet the same need depending on your interlocutor.

3. Prove the Reliability of a Product or Service

Once your customer has confidence in you, they need to believe in the product you are offering.

This is the fourth psychological leverage to convince a customer on a sales page. For this you can integrate social proof on your website.

Social proof is our tendency to be influenced by the behavior of others.

Imagine you had to book a hotel room online and had a choice between an establishment rated 5/5 and an establishment rated 2/5 by Internet users. Most likely you will go for the first choice.

this is The effect of social proof.

This marketing tool is very powerful, and you should not miss it. To put it to good use on your sales page, here are some types of information you can use:

  • customer investigation;
  • Names of well-known clients in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise or other personality;
  • statistics and statistics on results;
  • most popular products;
  • Social networks or newspapers that talk about you or your product etc.

All this data is an effective way of dealing with customer objections. Testimonials from former business partners are probably the most efficient tool for this.

In fact, they are the ones who will actually raise the prospect’s objections, thanks to the various or complementary messages they share. Here are some examples: “Yes, the product works fast.”, “Yes, the delivery and payment are reliable.”, “The quality of the product is top notch!”. Summary, social proof Contains all the information substantiating your expertise.

4. Convince a customer on a sales page by creating a unique offer

The last psychological leverage you can use is Creating a Unique Proposal, You can create a large number of offers like:

  • Promotion;
  • free delivery cost;
  • Bonus;
  • limited edition;
  • private offer, etc.

You will play on the scarcity and exclusivity effect to prompt your prospect to buy immediately.

now you know 4 Psychological Levers On Which To Play To Convince A Customer On A Sales Page, I invite you to maximize your chances by using as many of them as possible. Converting a customer into a customer for the first time on your site is a testament to the effectiveness of your sales page.

Plus, if you can’t grab the visitor’s attention and interest enough, you run the risk of missing out on the sale.

In fact, nothing assures you that the visitor will remember the name of your site and come back to buy later. So don’t waste time, and improve or build your effective sales page today.

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