How to choose your call center solution?

How a business handles inbound calls plays an important role in customer relationship and business efficiency. If your incoming calls are increasing and you want to better manage your customer relationships, it may be time to equip yourself with a contact center management solution. Why opt for this type of solution, how to choose it… We suggest you take a look at this article.

Implementing this type of solution would have many advantages.

Better Customer Experience: A contact center makes it possible to be more efficient in managing the delivery of your calls and improve your customer satisfaction by providing them with a better experience (less wait times, better follow-up, etc.).

Better monitoring of your statistics: You can follow your performance in real time. For example, we can find statistics on the number of calls, wait times and other statistics that allow you to measure and therefore optimize your activity. All in real time.

Best Omnichannel Experience: Mail, SMS, chatbots, websites, social networks… Your customers and prospects contact you through various channels. Contact Center solutions can connect to your various devices thus optimizing the customer experience.

Improved employee efficiency: Thanks to this type of solution, your employees are much more efficient and can rely on these tools to better coordinate their tasks and have a better work experience.

How to choose your solution?

You’re convinced you need a Contact Center solution, here are a few ways to choose it well.

Cloud or “on the base”? There are two main families of Contact Center tools: “on-site” and cloud. On-site solutions often require more complex installation and configuration. The cloud is now the recommended solution as it allows for a simpler and faster installation while increasing flexibility. With the cloud, your employees can access all of their tools across multiple sites and working from home. Example of a cloud solution: Odigo.

Connection to your CRM: You certainly already have one or more CRM tools to manage customer relationships, before choosing your call center solution, check whether it is compatible with the tools you already use. In most cases this happens, but it is still better to be sure.

Suggested options: Automation tools, simple or advanced dashboards, personalized telephone reception, CRM integration, connection to social networks or WhatsApp, web call backs, callbots, personalized support… Depending on the offers, the options may vary. Study them thoroughly and choose according to your actual needs. Please note that some solutions offer tariffs that vary according to call volume, remember to keep this in mind when comparing tariffs.

TeaRequest an Aster or Presentation: In most cases, you have the option of requesting a demo or even testing the tool yourself over time. Take the time to carefully study the solutions available to you before making a final choice. A trial period can be a good way to quickly see if a solution is suitable.

To finish

Choosing a qualitative solution to manage your incoming calls is essential to improve the satisfaction of your customers and employees. Don’t believe that this type of solution is reserved only for large structures with large call centers, thanks to cloud solutions can be implemented regardless of the size of your team. We also recommend to read the file published on Conseilmarketing.com, to know everything about Management of Call Center.

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