How to Build a Powerful Communication Campaign Via QR Code

As QR code marketing campaigns continue to grow, mobile media is becoming more of an issue for communication professionals. However, using this tool isn’t just about applying a small black and white square to a poster. This white paper reveals 10 steps that will allow you to build a successful campaign and understand the full potential of using QR codes and the mobile web.

understand all the possibilities of use

QR codes should not provide vulnerable content, such as a PDF version of your advertising poster. Especially since you can do so much more.

  • different types of qr codes : A QR code does not necessarily redirect the user to a web page, there are a variety of possible actions. Thus you have the possibility to save business card in smartphone, connect to WiFi network, send email or make direct call to offer during scan.
  • various customization options : Your QR code may look like yours today. You can choose colors or even insert a logo to make your QR code a complete communication tool for your business, easily recognizable to consumers.
  • different media : QR code is not printed only on paper or poster. Different media allow you to stand out in your communication campaign. However, not all of them are viable and effective. You’ll discover some examples in our guide not to follow and best practices.

increase your visibility

A properly executed QR code campaign can give you better visibility.

  • visibility on the net : Whether it is on your website or on your pages on social networks, QR codes allow you to add one aspect that is not negligible during a communication campaign: that is to increase your visibility on the web.
  • impact on consumer : Unlike a simple poster campaign, adding a QR code makes it possible to integrate the entire digital dimension. This way your campaign can continue interactively on the smartphone and thus increase the impact of your ad on consumers.

Attract consumers with quality products

Printing a QR code on your advertising poster is not enough to ensure the success of your communication campaign. We must also think about the visual and ergonomic quality of the content we deliver as well as the message we deliver to the consumers.

  • actual added value : The consumer should experience a genuine interest in scanning your code at the pain of watching it pass your way. The major difficulty of a QR code communication campaign is therefore to offer a special bonus to arouse interest. You’ll find some examples of campaigns that became effective due to the growth of specific content in the guide.
  • a quality view All of us have tried to visit a website on our smartphones. The experience is frustrating at times, especially if the site isn’t suitable for the mobile format and you have to zoom in. In this case, it is necessary to offer the optimized website in mobile format for comfortable and ergonomic use to the consumer scanning the QR code. Thus it will be placed in conditions of a good user experience!

Measure the impact of your campaign

This is critical for a communication campaign integrating the new technologies of the mobile web and QR codes to measure impact. Our professional offerings are designed in such a way that you can easily create, manage but also evaluate your project. So they include a follow-up of the result, allowing you to establish a solid assessment.

  • A QR code that can be traced : Thanks to professional QR code management solutions, you can monitor the number of people scanning your code at any given time and thus check the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Control your QR code at any time : Adding a digital dimension to your QR Code campaign allows you to react, change, modify and update the entirety of your campaign in real time. Editable QR codes provide the answer to this problem.

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