How to automate recurring tasks?

There are many reasons why companies choose to invest in marketing automation. For many, this is the ability to bring structure, process and measure to their marketing efforts; For others, it’s about giving their marketing team the tools to do the work they’re already doing, only faster and better. But by streamlining repetitive tasks, this strategy ultimately allows marketers to focus on more creative and strategic projects that require a human touch. how to proceed ?

5 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

Most B2B companies have understood the importance of automating certain missions. According to one study, about 53% of them use this strategy every day, the rest plan to add it to their strategies. While these figures are very encouraging, it means that there is still a small percentage of companies that do not use marketing automation, while the benefits are substantial.

  • Simplified information sharing: Tasks and all information can be exchanged easily and in real time, thanks to automation. Thus, the information is disseminated more quickly to facilitate the decision making of the leaders.
  • A good time saver: Automating repetitive tasks saves time, especially in terms of team management and data entry. Your team and you can focus on high value-added tasks, becoming more efficient.
  • Mitigation of the risk of errors: The risk of human errors due to recurring and repetitive assignments, such as inattention, omission or lack of concentration, is reduced with automation.
  • Savings for the company: By saving time and increasing productivity, you reduce your expenses. In the long term, you save enough to grow your business optimally.
  • Better Customer Follow-up: When essential missions are prioritized, and recurring processes are automated, it is possible to improve customer follow-up. An essential asset in the event of competition.
How to choose the right marketing automation tool?

Automate recurring tasks: how to proceed?

map all tasks

To better understand and understand all the flows of your operations, draw a diagram of your operations. Take the time to detail the different steps to better understand your workflow. To facilitate brainstorming, you can use, among other things, a variety of tools that create flowcharts or diagrams.

Identify automated processes

Once you have figured out the different tasks to be performed, determine which tasks can be automated. Prioritize repetitive processes on a daily basis and waste your time. This solution will improve your productivity.

train your employees

If you lead a team, train them to use the chosen tools for automation better. In this sense, lower the barrier points and be sure to know your colleagues’ feelings.

choose the right equipment

Choose the tool best suited to your needs according to your activity and the processes to be automated. Make sure the software is capable of automating various selected tasks.

Marketing Automation: What Types of Repetitive Tasks Should Be Automated?

Which Marketing Automation Tool to Choose?

It goes without saying that businesses of all sizes use or plan to use marketing automation software in some form. However, the range of tools in the market is huge, so you, marketers and/or decision makers should carefully consider and choose the right marketing automation tool for your needs. Here’s something.


Self-hosted and open source, the n8n is suitable for connecting a variety of APIs in addition to 200 built-in apps, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, GitHub, Telegram, Nextcloud, etc. Following the knot method, this tool makes it possible to complete the instructions for the visible source code to be personalized and integrated. Thanks to its low-code approach, n8n is well suited for creating more complex automation processes.


With a clean interface, Zapier is the most used automation tool by entrepreneurs as it automatically moves your data to your web application. This complete software provides you with connections to over 3,000 digital tools.


Automate.io is an alternative to Zapier, but allows you to connect about 200 known tools at two to three times cheaper prices. Easy to use, this tool provides a trigger for multiple actions. Depending on your needs, you also have the option of creating a simple workflow using a trigger for a single action.


Integromat is also an alternative to Zapier, but is particularly known for its complex automation. With around 500 applications that can be linked to, Integromat remains a very complete platform. In a matter of minutes you can connect to various applications, design, visualize and automate all your processes.


These days, when most marketing gurus talk about technology changing marketing, they are talking automation. This approach is an umbrella term for software, tools, and platforms that streamline, automate, and scale tasks and workflows to increase operational efficiency. Examples can be as complex as lead generation campaigns and email campaigns, or as simple as scheduling social media posts in advance.

Where to start? How to effectively implement marketing automation for your business? Don’t hesitate to educate yourself on the subject. This certified training in digital marketing will teach you more about the subject. Even better, it prepares you to implement an effective web marketing strategy suited to your goal and your marketing objectives.

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