How to analyze your market and your competitors

Today, with digital tools, it has become accessible to all to analyze your market and place your competitors in it. Having a good knowledge of your market allows you to improve your offer, your commercial performance and, ultimately, grow your company’s activity. In this article, we provide you with the tools to analyze your market and take advantage of this analysis to grow your business…

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Analyze the research habits of your potential customers

Many tools, some free, others not, allow you to analyze the search habits of Internet users.

Why analyze these habits?

By tracing the main requests of Internet users in a given market, we can understand the needs of its target and the potential of an offer.

As a free tool, you can use the keyword planning tools offered on Google Ads or Google Trends. With these tools, it is also possible to do seasonal searches.

Note that you have the possibility to create a Google Ads account without paying anything in advertising. When creating your account, click “Activate Expert Mode” and then “Create an account without a campaign”. This way you will have access to the keyword suggestion tool without creating a campaign and so enter your credit card

Note that if you don’t have an active campaign, Google Ads only provides search categories (eg between 500 and 1000 searches), which is already enough to give you an estimate. For accurate data, you must have an active campaign.

Performing this type of semantic analysis allows you to orient your content strategy and your strategy to develop new services and products.

Also remember to analyze your own audience, especially if you publish a lot of content. In our case, when we published an article on the topic of “Building a Training Organization”, the audience was such that we had the idea to start training courses for entrepreneurs to develop their skills. training activity.

Analyze posts on Google of audience and competitors

You can also analyze the audience and position of your competitors on Google and compare them with yours.

SimilarWeb Competitive Analysis Tool allows you to find and compare the audience information of your competitors in just a few clicks. For each audited site, you have audience data, geographic region and webmarketing levers (SEO, social media, etc.), as well as the distribution of traffic by competing sites. You can also compare the audience of the two sites. All this will allow you to complete your market analysis.

And if you have time, you can always do a manual analysis using the quotes found in the previous step and analyzing your competitors’ positions on these quotes. Be careful, if you choose this technique, remember to enable private browsing in your browser to prevent your browsing history from affecting the rankings.

Know and recognize your personality

In addition to the data we just saw, in order to position yourself well in your market, you need to know your target thoroughly.

Build a personality or personalities representing your ideal customers based on the knowledge you have of them.

For more information on individuals, check out this article.

Identify your competitive advantages

An analysis of your competitors’ offers should allow you to clearly identify the advantages of your offers over your competitors.

During market analysis, it is also necessary to study your competitors in detail so that they can position themselves judiciously and prepare their sales and marketing logic accordingly.

And you, have you analyzed your market and your competitors properly? How did you take advantage of this?

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