How to add music on Instagram?

Could this be the new update to compete with TikTok? At first glance yes. Nonetheless, audio has been a feature available on Instagram for a long time, with users able to add songs to their Reels and normal posts. But this new feature in Notes to increase engagement on Instagram is even more interesting…

Instagram Notes: An interesting feature to increase engagement

The Meta-owned platform introduced notes in December 2022 to issue short-term, 60-character status updates. They are hosted in chat tabs and, like stories, only last for 24 hours before disappearing.

Specifically, Instagram Notes allows you to communicate with all your followers via text, emoji, or more recently, music. An interesting feature to advertise your products, provide customer support or communicate with your target!

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With the update, Notes now has a built-in feature to add songs embedded in Instagram’s music library, along with 30-second clips.

Until now, users could only share text messages in Notes that automatically disappeared after 24 hours, similar to Instagram and WhatsApp status. Adding music to notes lets you choose a song that matches your mood or furthers the message of your note.

Doesn’t this remind you of an old feature?

At the time it was once possible to post music to an old MySpace account – though it’s unclear whether songs will autoplay as soon as you type your message or users will have to tap on the first message.

Sure enough the song name and artist will appear in the notes preview along with the note text.

Notes is a condensed version of Instagram’s Status feature. Users could earlier only submit text and emoticons in the form of notes on the app, but now they can share songs and audio clips available from the app’s vast music collection.

These music notes can be edited or deleted at any time, and you can control who has access to them, including followers and close friends.

To add music to Instagram Notes, it’s very easy:

  • Update the Instagram app to the latest version;
  • In the Chats (or DM) window, tap ” , » On the profile picture icon at the top of the list;
  • From now on, in addition to viewing the mention » Share a thought… “, you will also see a musical note icon;
  • Tap this icon and select the song;
  • Add a caption if you want, then press » share to send a note. Your friends and loved ones will now be able to see, hear and react;
  • You can delete the note at any time. Just tap on it and select “Delete Note”.

A new translation tool will also be available soon

In addition to the music update, other online reports suggest that Instagram Notes will soon be able to translate languages ​​other than English. Users will begin to see a “View translation” notification below the rating. As you can probably guess, pressing this notice will immediately translate the text into the other language.

The new features are already slowly rolling out on Instagram globally, but you might not see them right away. Mass deployment can take time…

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