How to access Twitter through your Google or Apple account?

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Twitter now allows you to register and/or log in to the app using Google or Apple credentials…

How can you access Twitter more easily?

To further increase its engagement rate, Twitter has launched several features. After launching a new option to “de-mention” tweets and testing a new shopping option, Twitter recently rolled out a new feature to make it easier to access the platform. It also helps streamline the user login process and reduce the number of passwords required.

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So there is no need to enter your connection information anymore as the data already stored on the device will be used.

This option is automatically available once the latest version of the app is updated. But before that, for the new Google and Apple connection options to appear, you must disconnect from all accounts associated with the application, then reconnect.

Once this new feature is used, the associated Google or Apple ID will be automatically linked to the user’s Twitter profile.

Why Update Twitter?

With this new feature, it’s no longer necessary to re-enter login information every time you access Twitter. However, for security reasons, each Google or Apple account must have the same email address associated with the Twitter profile to ensure that the information matches.

This new option is available to all Twitter users around the world from August 2. The app also plans to log in to the web app using Apple ID soon.

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