How Misterbeast is tampering with YouTube to gain 30 million subscribers per year

In 1 year, Mrbeast won 30 million subscribers, Through his YouTube channel, he generates $100 million per year. Suddenly, he enjoys offering Porsche to his customers. Its existence proves you can build a business very profitable On YouTube (but you already knew it!) …

The problem is that it’s impossible to tell if a video will work.

We can rack our brains for 15 hours to write the perfect script…

Decorate it well, work on its lighting…

Before the shoot, listen to the motivational video…

Make one hell of a montage with transitions, music and even credits…

and finally 10 views (Yes, it’s a true story).

And inevitably, when that happens, we start doubting ourselves.

“Am I really that interesting? Am I really helping people? Is all this hard work really worth it?”

But why this lack of confidence?

because we think Views count refers to the quality of the video,

If my video has got 40,000 views, it’s of better quality than if my video got 10,000 views.

not true?

No. (I’ll come back to this later)

The reality is that our video isn’t about quality, it’s about youtube algorithm,

If our video liked the YouTube algorithm, it would promote,

If our video doesn’t make the YouTube algorithm happy, it will fall into oblivion, along with millions of other videos.

For a video to go viral, you just have to understand how the algorithm works, and take advantage of it to hit the nail on the head (like our friend Mr. Beast).

That’s right, except…

Youtube algorithm is unbeatable

The problem with this guy is that he changes his mind all the time.

Like, 200 times a day.

good joke

It’s like playing a game of chess with Uncle Jackie, except that Uncle Jackie has the right to change the rules during the game.

No one can win over Uncle Jackie…

No one… except Mr. Beast!

This guy, as crazy as it sounds, has figured out how the algorithm works.

As proof, here are the last 3 videos:

They’ve all gone viral!

and this is the case each of these videos.

It averages 50 million views per video.

One thing’s for sure: he figured out how to make viral videos.

But how does he do it?

This is what I explained in detail in my last video.

There you will also find:

  • 3 features for Maintain it your audience;
  • The “Zygarnik” Method for Submitting Your Titles ultra-clickable ,
  • Took‘Mathematical Equations’ To make strangers love your videos;
  • entertainment trap that will make Fail Your Training Business ,
  • how to win more money doing low thoughts,

Click here to view video


you are still here ?

So, I have a little trick for you to increase the efficiency of your miniatures.

(Ah yes, no point reading it if you haven’t seen my video, because you won’t understand the usefulness of what I’m saying).

Let’s know this trick…

Stimulate the senses in your miniatures

As we have seen, our choices are influenced by our emotions.

But what I didn’t say is that our feelings are created by thanksgiving itself… our senses,

(For the more curious, I explain this in detail in this article on sensory stimulation).

so the more your short will blow my mind Regarding your probability, the higher it will be effective,

And how do you do that?

Already, we immediately agree.

the man 14 senses,

No, I haven’t smoked suspected weed.

They are here :

  1. Opinion ;
  2. the hearing;
  3. smell;
  4. Touch ;
  5. Taste ;
  6. Pain ;
  7. thermoception (feeling heat);
  8. Proprioception (being aware of where our body is located in space);
  9. hungry and thirsty);
  10. balance (the ability to maintain balance);
  11. Pressure ;
  12. Itching;
  13. muscle tension (feeling a contraction or stretching of your muscles);
  14. Chemistry (feeling the “chemistry” in our bodies, for example when we are drunk or when we feel happy).

To use these senses in your thumbnails, the idea is simple:

doing drama pictures which a. wakes up maximum price,

To understand better, let’s take some miniatures of Mr. Beast,

What happens when you look at this miniature?

You feel cold, you see the pain on his face, and you tremble at the thought of being frozen alive.

Bingo! This short activates:

  • thermoception;
  • Touch ;
  • Pain.

another example :

Miam. This is your reaction when you see this image.

In half a second, Misterbeast wakes up in you:

  • Taste ;
  • smell;
  • hunger.

And to end:

Fear ! He must not let go… otherwise, they will hurt themselves. But at the same time, their muscles will already have to suffer martyrdom.

And puff! we have :

  • Pain ;
  • Touch ;
  • muscle strain;
  • Chemoreception (dizziness).

You see that an image is a (very) effective way to arouse emotion in a person.

Of course (I repeat this one last time), this tip is useless if you haven’t respected the basic principles I outlined in my video.

So watch it by clicking here: How Mr.Beast Rigs YouTube

And if you’ve seen it before, here’s another post where I explain the things that Breaking Bad introduces. captivating, How else Apply these elements to your YouTube introduction
Click here to get the article on Breaking Bad.

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