How important is the home page of his website?

Most purchases and visits are now done online. That’s why it is important for you to have a website that attracts and gives confidence. We’ll look here at how important the first page your visitor sees when they visit your site: the home page…

What is home page?

Whatever the function of your website (e-commerce, organization, non-profit, etc.), the home page is like a showcase. This is a glimpse inside your website. And if it’s not engaging or interesting, chances are it’s the only page your visitors will see before leaving your site.

The Internet may be new, but it is nothing new for business. The Internet acts like a virtual street, with millions of businesses and organizations competing with your business. Like a window, a home page is the only opportunity for a website to show visitors what you have to offer. A visitor, like a buyer looking out the window, makes a decision in a very short time. He knows whether a website will benefit him or not.

So if you weren’t filling your storefront with big ads, fake ads, irrelevant news, and everything that has nothing to do with your store’s purpose, why would you do it on your website? Keep it simple and honest with your visitors, so trust is easily built.

Here are the tasks all homepages must complete

  • Establish an identity – logo and slogan;
  • Making a Good Impression – This is the key to retaining visitors;
  • ensure clear navigation;
  • Be a venue for site-wide research;
  • Offer fresh ingredients to attract older visitors;
  • Deliver desired content to new and long time visitors.

Answer questions before they appear in the visitor’s head

Only certain content should be visible on the home page, so use these questions to assess the importance and need of an item. The answers to these questions should help put a potential object into perspective.

The best way to do this is with the FAQ at the end of your home page.

call to action

Subscribe to our newsletter today to stay up to date with us! This is an example of an effective call to action. You were given a task to accomplish that would, in the right context, prompt you to take action and inform you of a feature or service.

A good call to action compels people to act with an attractive proposition. “Click here” or “Learn more” are the most common calls to action. However, they are not very good at encouraging the user to actually click, as they do not provide any insight into what the user will receive. A major goal of any homepage is to encourage users to discover what the site has to offer. There is no better way to achieve this goal than with a call to action.

in short

As seen in this article, the importance of your home page is based on the fact that it acts as a window through which your visitors can get an overview of what you have to offer. A foreshadowing that will determine whether the visitor stays on your site. This time is very short and therefore your page should be relevant and effective from the first second of printing. It defines you and your business. It should be able to meet all the expectations of the visitors and clear all subsequent doubts and concerns through the presence of relevant FAQs. Lastly, you should have a call to action on your home page. Whether it’s to find out more about you, your creations, your services or your prices. These are all terms that determine whether or not the home page works on your site.

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