How does the color of writing affect our representations?

Despite the increasingly advanced digitization of our society, the pen remains an essential item in our professional daily lives. Whether it’s taking notes, drawing to remember better, or signing contracts, pens are one of the rare items to be on our desks permanently. But what about the effect of its color?

Black or Blue: The Question of History and Culture

Throughout history, ink color has played an important role.

Do you know that 20. at the beginning ofth century, blue ink was used to distinguish it from the original copies? Copies were made from carbon paper at that time. Therefore the blue ink was a guarantee of authenticity.

Today, with digital technology, color is no longer a guarantee of authenticity, however, depending on the country, we prefer to sign in black or blue. If you operate internationally, be sure to find out more about the partner country!

For example, Colombia, England or China still use blue for the sign. Color is “more difficult” to reproduce.

In Europe, we prefer blue for the signature, without imposing one color over another.

However, in some situations, the emphasis is on black. Especially for public administration which prefers black color for better digitization. But whatever the color, a signature remains an official signature. Article 1367 of the Civil Code provides that “The signature required for the completeness of a legal act identifies its author. She expresses her consent to the obligations as a result of this act. When it is affixed by a public officer, it gives authenticity to the Act.“regardless of color (source: Justifit.fr).

Pen color: pay attention to its representation

Beyond the signature and official side, ink color also plays on the representation that we have a written message.

Thus the blue color is recognized for the convenience of remembering. If you’re taking notes for class or whatever, think about blue, which helps you remember better and increases concentration.

Conversely, if you write in red, the fatigue caused by this color will make it difficult to remember information. In addition, red, like green, is often associated with reforms.

In addition to the traditional blue, red, green, and black, don’t forget that the pen can tackle many colors and shades as well. If you’re thinking outside the box when it comes to pens, consider checking out color symbolism.

Information to consider for your Ad Pen campaign

All of these representations should be taken into account when you are going to set up campaigns integrating advertising pens for client companies.

Depending on your goal, consider changing the color accordingly. Also, consider choosing a beautiful design and including your logo so that your promotional item remains on the desk of your potential customer or client. If you’re targeting a high-end clientele, consider the excellent material of the pen and its case.

And you, are you more of a blue team or a black team for your pen?

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