How does it work to get more visibility?

On Facebook, each publication is analyzed by its algorithm, then ranked in descending order according to user interest. This process works automatically when it updates the news feed. How does it actually work?

When it started in 2004, none of the posts on Facebook were algorithmically filtered: everyone could access all the posts. But now, the social network uses this suite of instructions and operations to encourage users to stay connected for longer periods of time, specifically to see more ads based on their interests. When followers interact on a page, other posts on that page regularly appear in their News Feed.

So, to generate interactions and gain more visibility, be sure to take Facebook’s algorithm into account when posting content!

Facebook’s algorithm in 2022

Every time you open Facebook, you find content ranked in the following order of relevance:

  • Signal;
  • list;
  • predictions;
  • Relevance Score.

consideration of material or signs

Based on the recorded data, Facebook makes guesses about which content might be of interest to you. These “signs” can be times when a personality, Page, or friend has posted specific content. It can also be the device you were logged in to when you posted: a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Generally, Facebook employs over 1000 prompts to effectively categorize content.

person’s thoughts or predictions

The prompts are then used by Facebook’s algorithm to predict which posts might be of interest to you. Proposed materials can:

  • encourage you to read it;
  • You want to know more, especially if it is a video or a photo;
  • invites you to chat by clicking on it, sharing it, commenting on it or leaving a like;
  • Be informative about your needs.

Available materials or inventory

After you log in to Facebook, the pages you follow and all the posts from your friends are algorithmically listed.

relevance score

For each post that grabs your attention, Facebook’s algorithm assigns a relevance score so that the posts rank higher in your News Feed. Thus, from the analyzes performed and the scores obtained, the News Feed algorithm or the current Facebook algorithm can determine whether a post can be displayed in your News Feed. The obtained relevance score makes it possible to know its ranking order.

The more active you are and the more time you spend on the platform, the better the predictions are with the content that you find really interesting. This way your newsfeed becomes more personalized for an optimal user experience.

New elements taken into account

In 2022, the News Feed algorithm takes into account new elements:

  • Conversation : They are mainly generated by posts from friends or family. When you regularly interact with posts from specific sources with shares, comments or likes, you increase your chances of seeing their new publications;
  • engagement through content Content that encourages users to engage is highlighted by the algorithm. Thus it will favor posts that have triggered conversations. People with long comments will be among their favourites;
  • Original source material preferred : Original stories will be displayed in News Feed. On the other hand, those who show no originality are being punished;
  • privatization facility : The “options in feed” and “favorites” functionalities have a direct effect on the algorithm and make it possible to filter the news feed. With the “Options in Feed” feature, you can hide some posts so that the type of content offered is no longer visible in your News Feed;
  • linkage by content Facebook: If you are used to engaging more often on photo content than on video content, Facebook will provide you with more video content;
  • apple and ad : According to Facebook, the new Apple iOS update helps ease marketing efforts. This update is used to disable and enable data sharing.

How to effectively exploit the Facebook algorithm?

add questions to their posts

Asking questions in your posts leads to more engagement. For example, use surveys so your customers can give their opinion on your services or products.

Choose short content

To increase engagement, your post should be short and precise, with no more than 50 characters.

enter hashtags

By putting hashtags in your posts, you increase your chances of attracting new customers and even new customers. This will make it easier for them to see your posts.

talk about trends

Always be aware of the latest trends and add them to your content to enhance your brand.

focus on authenticity

There is no need to cheat the algorithm by buying fake reviews or fake interactions. Trying to optimize your Facebook posts with questionable strategies will penalize you as it will classify your content as spam. As the algorithm is designed for better user experience, always create your content for them.

Choose the right time to post

Find out about the time slots when your customers are online to send your publications at the right time and thus increase engagement. To help you, go to the “Posts” tab in your Facebook Insights page.

tell a story

Thank you for telling the story, you will encourage users to share your publications. This type of post may not be directly related to your services or products. However, it is likely to increase your sales, your number of Facebook followers, and build trust with your customers.

up to you !

To learn more and master the subject completely, take a look at this certified training in web marketing with social media strategy component.

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