How do I change background and usage effects in Google Meet?

Google wants to attract new users to its Google Meet mobile app by allowing it to apply masks, effects and filters during calls. Discover all the steps to access these new features…

Google Meet: Google’s videoconferencing application

Whether you run a completely remote business or only telecommute a few days a week, every business has its own conferencing tool of choice. 50% of brands use Zoom or Skype (according to Paperland Marketing)*, but these tools aren’t always compatible with your team’s processes or existing technology. And if your organization uses Google Workspaces, your best option is to use Google’s video conferencing tool, Google Meet.

Google Meet is an upgraded version of the free Hangouts app and is best suited for business apps like webinars and video conferences. With Google Meet, you can host video calls for up to 150 people depending on the service plan selected. you are allowed to There are up to 100 participants and up to 60 minutes of meetings can be attended

, Extended functionality is available to businesses through Google Workspaces. You can organize a meeting with up to 250 participants And this Live broadcast to 100,000 people, It gives you immense reach when it comes to connecting with employees and customers, and you can choose a pricing plan that best suits your budget and needs.

New features for video calls on Google Meet

The pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in the use of video conferencing and strong competition among platforms seeking to develop their respective applications. One of the most popular is Google Meet, with over 100 million users per day, which is Zoom’s main competitor.

So that users can get together online and spend even more time on their video calls, Google is introducing masks, effects and filters that can be used during video calls to make them more personal and more fun.

Many of the newly introduced effects on the Google Meet app for iOS and Android come directly from Duo’s effects library. Additionally, many of the new Effects Carousel options are available only on individual Gmail accounts to encourage users to use Meet for all their video calling needs.

How do I blur the background in Google Meet?

  • Check Viewfinder (Users Live Stream Via Front Camera)
  • In the viewfinder, tap the small icon that allows you to change the background.
  • From the Background menu, select the desired background by browsing the list of options provided. Here are the first two options, blurring the background based on intensity.
  • Apply one of two to blur the background

How do I change the background in Google Meet?

  • In the Google Meet app, tap “New Meeting” at the top of the screen to start a new meeting.
  • The app will give you three options: Get a link to share, Start an instant meeting, and Schedule a meeting. Configure Google Meet sessions as needed.

To change your background on Google Meet during a Google Meet session on the phone:

  • Check the viewfinder then tap on the little icon that allows you to change the background
  • From the Background menu, select the desired background by browsing the list of options provided
  • As the user clicks on Background, the same will be applied to the live stream shown in the viewfinder and shown to other meeting participants.

How do I use effects in Google Meet on my phone?

  • To access Augmented Reality (AR) filters and masks, go to the Sparkle menu in the lower right corner of the video stream and access several options (No Effects, Blur, Background, Style and Filters);
  • In the Filters menu, choose between AR Mask, Screen Filter, available on Snapchat and Instagram.

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