How can you be the most famous establishment in your neighborhood?

How can you be the most famous establishment in your neighborhood? This is the question that this article will answer …

1) Grow your social networks and be creative

With over two billion users, social networks are a great addition to any establishment. This is really a missed opportunity not to use these channels to give more visibility to your business. But being the owner of a page on a social network is not enough. It is still necessary to develop it using creativity so that it can best fulfill the mission that is assigned to it.

In order to grow your social network, there are various steps to follow.

For a company that wants to make itself famous in its neighborhood, the first thing to do is to take care of its profile as much as possible. When registering on the social network it is necessary to fill in the requested information as much as possible. In fact, social networks’ algorithms often use the profile as well as the offered content to match them with a given audience. The more you fill in your information, the more chances you have of reaching the right goal.

Also, you need to use a cover image and photo that you want to trust. For many people, the first impression is always right.

The second step is to promote visual content (photos or videos). They provide best return on investment. Many people hate editorial content, and for good reason, they often have a hard time understanding the message. Visual content is very easy to understand. Plus, they are more likely to be shared.

The final step in the development of your social network is interaction with customers. It simply means responding to their message quickly. This way you maintain confidence and your visibility only increases.

You’ll also need to do this on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google My Business.

2) Develop your local SEO and Google My Business

It is essential for any company to adapt to its local context. The latter pertains to your website. Referencing your website is one of the best ways to make yourself more visible on search engines. To do this, you need to start by including your location in:

  • url;
  • main title;
  • hn tag;
  • Meta title and meta description.

The local context also includes internal networking. It’s about the use of links. Actually, the higher the number of links on a page, the more important Google considers this page. Thus, he is inclined to keep it at the top of searches.

Lastly, you have to make sure that the website is mobile friendly. Many people today are making this mistake by creating a site that can only be accessed by a computer. However, many visits are made through smartphones. Mobile friendly website is a guarantee of wide audience.

The Google search engine is one such tool that provides simple tools to make it appear in its results.

So you can use its Google my Business product to optimize your local SEO. To achieve this, the creation of a file is necessary. All you have to do is go to Google my Business and sign in with your account. Then, you have to enter the name of your company, its nature and its category. Google will eventually send you a code that you will validate to take advantage of the benefits to be the best establishment in your neighborhood.

It’s also important to be able to customize your Google My Business listing to hope to be well-referenced in your city. There are tons of articles out there offering tips on how to optimize your Google My Business account.

3) Have a good reputation in the neighborhood and in line with reviews

Reputation is like trust, hard to build, even harder to rebuild. But it is an important lever that needs to be activated to get your establishment off the ground.

First, make sure you have a good reputation in the neighborhood. Your product and its quality are two factors that will guarantee this reputation. What are customers really looking for? Nothing is greater than satisfaction. You must keep this thing in mind. In three points, you must be able to satisfy the customer: good product, quality service, acceptable product. In this way your reputation as well as your image gets better.

It will take care of its reputation not only in the district. Subscribers on social networks must also win. With whom ? the quality. And how will they find out? from reviews.

You therefore have an obligation to post past customer opinions on your communication channels to show that your establishment is based on safety and quality. Above all, don’t post fake reviews. It is in your interest.

If you have collected my reviews today, there are many ways to get regular Google reviews such as QR code, SMS.

4) Build local partnerships with associations, clubs in the city

A partnership begins with an agreement to work towards a common goal. With partners, you can share resources, efforts, promotion, visibility, influence… This will be important to give more credibility to your establishment.

Many organizations in the city, such as associations or clubs, are waiting for an opportunity to show their interest in the community, and you have the option of providing that opportunity. For example, an association may put you in contact with an advertising agency that will do your ads for free, or a print campaign for a free poster. In turn, you can reduce your offers for all the customers who will come through them. Thus a beneficial relationship will be born for both the parties.

Ask people to talk to you about themselves. Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tool that some businesses use to build brand awareness. It is both an economical and effective form of advertising. It has its roots in its ability to provide quality products. The satisfied customer will inevitably recommend the product to the people around them (friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.). In this way your promotion is confirmed.

To encourage word of mouth, communicate widely about your services, interact with and listen to your customers.

Nowadays, word of mouth is no longer just oral. Events going through the net also include: electronic word of mouth, buzz or viral marketing.

To be the best-known establishment in your neighborhood, it’s important to base your strategy on five levers: developing social networks, developing a local context through Google My Business, contracting with associations or city clubs, word-of-mouth marketing and a good reputation.

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