How can premium advertisers make ROI more profitable from mobile marketing?

Analysts predict that mobile advertising will overtake desktop by 2016: the era of mobile-first has arrived. However, the mobile advertising market is not as focused and mature as that of desktop: new technological solutions, new partners emerge every month, and there are still certain standards, which contribute to a certain “ambiguity”. in this market. Mobile advertising also suffers from the reputation of being expensive and doesn’t yet rhyme with profitability for premium advertisers. Today, everyone wants to do mobile marketing… but how do you become ROIste and make sure you are profitable?

Of course, there are no cookies on mobile. But there are tracking SDKs that, once integrated into your application, require you to assign 1 acquisition source to 1 user and measure a certain number of selected indicators of the user journey (registrations, clicks, page opens, purchases, etc.). allows. These SDKs return quantitative information on each user and each source of acquisition, making it possible to measure the income generated. As more and more reliable, the main SDKs on the market (adjust, appsflyer, tun, coachwa, etc.) are accepted by most acquisition sources today as data serving as the basis for billing traffic. Technically, today it is possible to have ROIste to measure your profitability.

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Then how to become profitable?

1: First of all it is necessary To diversify the sources of acquisition as much as possible.

The mobile advertising market remains very competitive today, with advertisers demanding more than available inventory, which puts pressure on prices and makes it difficult to reach large quantities. Furthermore, the available inventory, unlike desktop, remains very fragmented: there are more than 500 legitimate sources of traffic acquisition. No player in the market today can claim to own +20% of the global inventory. Therefore, in order to buy traffic at a reasonable price and reach high volumes, it is important to diversify the sources as much as possible. Advertiser Ad networks (Admob, iAd, etc.), Social networks (Facebook, Twitter…), Video Management (Jungle, Adcolony…), DSP/Edexchange, Live Application etc. Or by bringing all these acquisition sources together through platforms like Addict Mobile or Gromobile and balancing the investments according to the ROI of each source. Technically, this represents a challenge, as there are no standards and each advertising agency has its own technical environment. The main interest of multiplying your sources of acquisition is to increase the available traffic on which to display ads, and to be able to balance your expenses by investing more on the sources that bring the best profitability. Whereas by limiting himself to only a few sources, the advertiser runs the risk of being limited to limited traffic, and is forced to increase his acquisition costs if he wants to get a higher amount of impressions.

mobile marketing2: It’s Possible Favor buying models with CPI (Cost Per Installation), or even CPL/CPA (Cost Per Lead/Cost Per Action).

With the diversity of acquisition sources, there is a diversity of business models: CPM/CPC (buy on impression or click) where profitability is more difficult to understand and requires strong focus to avoid cost reduction and maintain good profitability. but also CPI, CPL/CPA which is less risky for advertisers (purchase-to-download model, or even for user actions within the app). Finally the important thing is to calculate the average acquisition cost of a user, a registrant, a buyer, etc. Compare and contrast each source with that person’s average monetization to gauge their profitability and adjust their marketing spend accordingly. Only by going into the precision of these data can we invest more significant resources on sources that generate profitability, and cut back on sources that are less economically interesting. So premium advertisers need to be able to estimate the value delivered to each metric they’re going to track within an application, and compare them to the acquisition metrics.

3: On the Web, Now More and More Possibilities targeting and retargeting

Targeting your audience with various criteria (geography, gender, age, type of mobile, type of connection, center of interest, other apps used, payment profile, etc.) can significantly improve campaign performance. The possibilities of targeting, and also of retargeting (targeting users who already have your application, to come back to this) are evolving on mobile. However, in a competitive market environment, where competitors probably want to reach the same user segments as you, targeting precisely narrows the target audience, and increases the cost of the campaign. It is therefore necessary to utilize the targeting possibilities efficiently, identify the non-competitive segments and initiate multiple trials. To optimize your ROI, it’s important to test multiple campaigns: depending on the view and targeting criteria, performance can vary from 1 to 100! There are technical tools to manage multiple campaign tests in parallel. Predictive algorithms are also beginning to emerge, using data from previous campaigns and the first trials of a new campaign, and, thanks to “machine learning”, predicting the best marketing mix (the source of the targeting criteria, etc.) makes it possible. acquisition price).

4: Lastly, it’s especially important to spend time Optimize the ROI of your campaigns.

This includes daily analysis of each campaign’s performance data for each source, each sub-source, or even sub-sub-source. By dedicating time to our campaigns and streamlining optimization in a ROIst manner, we can develop a profitable user acquisition over the long term. For analyzing large amounts of data and automating the optimization process, the use of technical tools provides the necessary time savings and efficiency!

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Gregoire is the CEO of Merciermobile addict, the first 100% dedicated profitability mobile media purchasing technology. This makes it possible to shop on all available sources of the market through a centralized platform and optimize ROI for each source of acquisition while guaranteeing the profitability of the campaigns. The company manages over 1 million euros of monthly campaigns worldwide for top profitable applications as well as international brands. www.addict-mobile.com

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