He sells potato peels and becomes a millionaire (with a pitch unlike any other)

Being a millionaire is easy. Well, you just have to sell a product enough times to make a million euros. And that’s exactly what AIDS did…

This man sat in the street and started selling potato peels. A year later, he became a millionaire (still using the same speech).

And since I love everything about communication psychology, I made a video where I explain how he goes about being so persuasive (because he has to sell 500 peels per hour).

In the program:

  • How to write a really effective speech;
  • The only thing stopping your prospects from buying;
  • The Wolf of Wall Street uses 3 emotions to sell.

Here is the video:

He sells potato peels and becomes a millionaire (with a pitch unlike any other).


For those who are still brave, I have prepared a little bonus for you! (But it won’t help you if you haven’t seen my video).

As we have seen, the best way to sell is by building trust.

An effective way to do this is to create 3 emotions: certainty, enthusiasm and expertise.

In my video, I explained how Joe goes about creating these feelings, but Joe is a direct seller.

However, if you create content, it’s not the same system.

So for you, here are 3 ways to create certainty, 3 ways to create excitement, and 3 ways to gain expertise in your content.


Don’t use conditionals!

This is the most important. Never use words like “I think”, “I think”, “It could happen”.

Yes you can be wrong, yes you can say the wrong things, but that’s okay! We’re all wrong, we’re human (if you only knew how many videos I’ve made that I no longer agree with).

If you’re not sure what to say, people may not want to follow you.

justifiesz u

On YouTube, there’s a rage to throw the truth out without justifying it.

Type :

  • SEO is the best way to earn money;
  • Copywriting is the best way to earn money;
  • Dropshipping is the best way to earn money.

Well, already, there’s no “best way”, but it’s only meant to be people-friendly.

But most of all: why?!?

When you announce something, justify it. This will return an image of someone who understands what they are saying and who has a well structured thought, and so will reassure the person and create certainty.

give social proof

A classic, but it’s important to remember.

We live in a social world: the more popular a song is, the more it is appreciated. The more subscribers a YouTube channel has, the more we can tell ourselves that it produces good content, etc.

So if you have social proof, whether it’s testimonials, big customers, great numbers… say it!

This can be done in subtle ways, for example by telling the story of one of your customers, or directly, by placing your YouTube banner “Worked with Google”.


smile while writing

Yes, it’s stupid, but smiling when you write puts you in a joyous energy and inspires you to write more inspiring texts (and trust me, the difference between a guy who doesn’t like his lines). Writing hurts myself and a guy who really sucks) felt zealous!).

listen to positive music

Another point, similar to smile: listen to music that puts you in a good mood because it will be felt in your songs.

say what you like and don’t like

Often, infopreneurs focus too much on their prospect and forget to talk about themselves.

This is stupid, because doing so will make your subscribers follow you for your content, not for you.

However, the most powerful way to build a profitable business is to develop your personal branding (that’s the whole point of my YouTube channel).

If you talk about yourself, tell what you love and hate, people will be able to connect with you and be excited to see your videos.


to be precise

The more specific you are in what you say, the more you seem to know yourself there.

Someone who says “a study on psychology” will be much less credible than someone who says “a 1962 study by BF Skinner”.

The more specialized you are, the more you will be seen as an expert.

Create a “Problem Order”

What I call “problem ordering” is simply describing your probability problem.

If you are able to explain their problem to your prospect, they will assume that You is the right person to help him, that You You are the expert who will allow him to solve his problem.

This is why you trust your referring doctor more than a random doctor.

appeal to authority

This last point is widely used and very effective.

A call to authority is to quote a known person and appropriate their expertise.

“As Einstein said”, “As Buddha said”, “I take the view of Victor Hugo”.

If your ideas are based on the ideas of famous people, cite them. This will allow you to monopolize part of their expertise (this is called the principle of association).

Here !

Hope I have given you some tips to improve your content. And most importantly, remember, if you want to build a long-term profitable business around your YouTube channel, you need to focus on build trust ,

If you liked what I said, I wrote another post in which I explain why YouTuber “A Creative” is publicly attacking the marketing frenzy in these videos. Here is the article.

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