Google will work on AR smart glasses

After acquiring smart glasses maker North in June 2020, Google is working on a new project: developing smart glasses to experience augmented reality…

AR smart glasses: Google launches a new project

In recent years, Google has apparently kept its work on AR smart glasses a secret. That began to change recently, with the apparent announcement that “Google is working on a new iteration of smart glasses” in The New York Times. Prior to its merger with Google, North had developed its own smart glasses that combined a corrective lens with a projected screen.

But Google isn’t on its first attempt. Google’s first attempt at AR glasses was certainly widely considered a crapshoot, or simply “ahead of its time”. Google Glass, as it was called, was sold to the public as the “Explorer Edition” with a hefty price tag of $1500, yet with a number of limitations, including poor battery life and rare features.

Its built-in camera has also raised privacy concerns. All this, combined with the unfortunate nickname “Glass Hole” given to early adopters, prompted the product to be discontinued from development in 2015. Nevertheless, it is available to enterprise customers.

But even if smart glasses continue to look overly technical in their aesthetics, that may not matter. Google Glass seemed strange because hardly anyone standardized the look, but that may be about to change. Now, the post-meta world may be the best time to restart gadget technology development.

Facebook is also launching AR smart glasses in…

Meta has been working on developing the Metaverse headset since Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014, but the devices are still too large, making them too cumbersome to integrate into everyday activities. Now he’s working on a new high-end VR headset called Project Cambria.

This will include features that are not currently available on other VR headsets. one of the purposes of the helmet would be Mixed reality experiences. With the help of new sensors and reconstruction algorithms, Meta says Cambria will have the ability to represent objects in the physical world with a sense of depth and perspective.

new sensors in the device will allow you Virtual avatar to maintain eye contact and reflect your facial expressions. The company claims this is something that will allow people to interact with you to get a better feel for how you feel.

… apples too!

Everything is still pretty hazy at Google, as it’s unclear whether the company plans to release an interim headset or if it’s focused solely on the smart glass form factor. According to rumours, Apple’s first device next year will be a mixed reality headset that can be used for AR development in addition to virtual reality, through the use of a camera withdrawal Where users can watch the real world through a video stream instead of directly.

Apple is also one of several tech companies working to improve it, and has produced a prototype that looks like a pair of ski goggles. Lightweight AR glasses, which complement real-world perceptions with digital images, are exactly what Google is looking for again. The company really looks forward to providing a way to integrate technology to improve the daily life of the user.

Source: New York Times

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