Google Photos Adds New Video Editing Features

Good news for those looking for alternatives to improve their video content! Google has announced a new update to its video editing features in Google Photos…

New quick and convenient features

Google Photos is a web and mobile application that allows you to store an unlimited number of photos and videos for free. The new Google Photos video editor includes a number of new tools. These include tools for:

  • crop video
  • change attitude
  • Crop, stabilize and rotate your videos;
  • Apply filters and finer changes (including brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth) and more!

It also includes a number of adjustment parameters that can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth of the video. So these are quick and easy features to enhance your video content before sharing it.

According to Google:

“There are now over 30 controls, but a good place to start is to trim and straighten the frame to focus more on the subject. And if the scene is poorly exposed, you can make your video shine through. You can adjust the brightness.

better editing features

Having the ability to edit your video content even on the go can be important for anyone who wants to maintain their social media publishing business. These new functionalities make it possible to have even greater control over updating and evolving its content.

On top of that, Google offers some of its more advanced photo editing tools for those who use the Google One, including Portrait Blur and Portrait Light, which were previously only available on the Pixel.

After a limited rollout of the feature began in March, the new video editor UI is now rolling out widely to Android app users. When you use the video editor for the first time with the new video editor, you’ll see a welcome screen notifying you of any new tools to try.

How to use it ?

To use the new video editor, all you have to do is press the edit button. This should bring the new editing UI if you have already received the update. The new editing user interface includes:

  • A few tabs to access these features to help you crop, adjust and add filters to your videos;
  • an additional tab titled “More”, which contains a markup tool;
  • The Crop tab includes various aspect ratio presets to help you crop video, as well as a “free” option for custom cropping.
  • Two additional buttons to rotate the video and change perspective, plus a reset button to undo all changes.
  • The Adjust tab includes tools for modifying Brightness, Contrast, White Point, Highlights, Shadow, Black Point, Saturation, Warmth, Hue, and Skin Tone.
  • The Filters tab contains several predefined filters that you can apply to give a cool effect to your videos.

Unlike some other recent Google Photos feature updates, the new video editor is available for free, no Google One subscription required. It is also available for Pixel and non-Pixel Android devices. It has been deployed via a server-side update and should be available to most users soon. However, on some devices it may take longer to appear.

Source: Google

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