Google and the future of applications

Last month, Google announced a revolution for the application market: some will now be available on your smartphone without downloading …

How can this be ?

Applications available on Google’s servers are sent to the smartphone via a stream and can be loaded by the user by streaming. For now, the feature is still in beta to test its operation and streaming requires a WiFi connection. Famous among beta testers is HotelTonight.

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For example, after doing a Google search like “Hotels in Chicago for Tonight” on Android, Google will display the HotelTonight app directly from Chrome. We can see the “Stream” option which is indicated on the Google Play Store at the bottom of HotelTonight. The content is exactly the same as if you downloaded the app to your phone.

What interests this new feature for the giant Google?

You must know that almost 90% of the time spent on mobile is through applications. However, Google makes a big part of its income thanks to searching from its Google Chrome mobile browser. Thus, creating a streaming application through your browser allows Google to retrieve a good chunk of the traffic.

So there’s a definite interest for Google in streaming applications. But why is this news so beneficial for mobile users?

  • Get an overview of the experience : It allows the user to get familiar with the application. If the mobile user likes the experience, he or she will be able to download it permanently;
  • Makeup for less use : Users sometimes install applications that they will use only once or twice. Streaming is a great alternative to installation if the usage of an application is partial. In fact, 11 out of 35 applications installed remain in use for a full week;
  • Troubleshoot storage space issues : If the user was able to delete all the applications that he rarely uses, he could save a lot of space on his phone and keep only the applications that he uses daily. Thus, streaming makes it possible to delete frequently used applications.

What is of interest to application editors?

google application 2Streaming allows you to get a real preview of the experience before you download the application. For example, app publishers will be able to create mini-versions of their mobile games and distribute them through mobile ads. The ad that streams the app is more engaging than the animated interstitial. In addition, there will no longer be a need to complete the registration form before downloading and playing the application. Mobile users can also benefit from a snapshot experience before committing to downloading the app.

Finally, banner and interstitial ads don’t always reflect reality. For example it is difficult to represent the experience of a game thanks to an image. Many people have been disappointed after downloading mobile games. The advantage of streaming advertising is thus to show the user the real experience that they would benefit from if they downloaded the application.

About the Author :

Julie Florin is the Marketing Manager of Addict Mobile, the first mobile media platform dedicated to 100% profitability. With over 5 years of experience, Addict Mobile provides global mobile campaign management techniques: strategy support, creation and translation of visuals, campaign optimization (pre-targeting, A/B testing, post-targeting), real-time reporting . Thanks to its proprietary technology, Addict Mobile makes it possible to buy centrally from over 250 market acquisition sources and optimize ROI to guarantee positive ROI. Addict Mobile manages over $1 million monthly campaigns for the top profitable applications in the world as well as international brands. www.addict-mobile.com

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