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Instagram has become increasingly essential for marketers: 72% of them now use it as part of their digital marketing campaign. But the visibility depends on the number of followers and other essential factors on the platform as explained in this training “Implementing a Social Media Strategy”. So some try to earn more by all means, even if it means buying something… But is this a good or bad idea?

What is buying followers?

Buying followers is common on big-name social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter And of course Instagram. This strategy is only for buying followers from web platforms that provide this type of service.

To get subscribers in a paid way, one must first look for reliable and reputable providers. Then you have to choose from the ones offered, which can vary from “Basic”, the most affordable, to “Premium”, expensive but secure.

Purchased targets are existing and active people as they can be Bots, which make up about 9.5% of monthly Instagram account followers.

Why Buy Followers?

main objective isIncrease the number of followers to attract the attention of other users of the social network. In fact, pages that have only a few tens of subscribers on their counter represent little interest in the eyes of users.

On the other hand, sites with larger communities are more visible, have better influence and are therefore more likely to attract attention, making it easier to acquire new customers.

Furthermore, a large number of followers are perceived as something Insurance, proof of your company’s expertise, credibility and know-how. By building your community with followers, new users are more likely to follow you on Instagram.

Having more followers also means getting more interaction on the post, which leads to huge sales opportunities!

buy followers on instagram

Is it really necessary to buy fans on Instagram?

Logically, having more subscribers is a “must” on Instagram, the fourth most popular social network in the world with 2 billion monthly users. But the question to ask before delving into the “Buy followers” box is: “Will a large number of fake followers be able to increase your business’s engagement rate?”

The answer is no.

If your goal is to improve engagement, it’s best to let the number of subscribers grow naturally. Of course, this will require more effort, but at least your subscribers will be real and there will be numerous to interact with your content.

in parallel :

  • This violates Instagram’s Terms of Service. There are good chances that the platform will penalize you, or even suspend your account.
  • Your brand runs the risk of losing credibility in the eyes of followers. Buying followers will not make your profile more popular than before. On the contrary, its visibility can be quite low, as your fans will be tempted to disengage from your Instagram account by reducing the interaction on your posts.
  • Your analytics data will be wrong. Data is an important resource for your business, it helps you keep track of your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, fake customers coming to your account can reduce your data measurement, which ultimately harms your digital marketing campaigns.
  • If your goal in buying followers is to boost engagement, you may be disappointed! In fact, quite the contrary, if, for example, you have 80,000 subscribers but only get a few 1,000 likes per post, this will reduce your overall engagement rate.

How to get more followers on Instagram naturally?

Of course, if you have decided against buying followers, there are plenty of healthy ways to increase followers on Instagram.

But which one?

Create Quality Content

We can never say this enough, but the best way to increase your social media following is to publish regularly while ensuring the quality of your content. Be aware that Instagram’s algorithm favors profiles that are active. So make sure to provide relevant and engaging content to increase the customers.

Organize contests and distribute gifts

It’s a fairly common technique on the network in 2023, but it remains as effective as ever for animating your community and reaching more potential customers. We know in particular that giveaways allow you to collect 3.5x more likes and 64x more engagement than regular publications.

So, what are you waiting for to organize it?

post stories

Hugely popular in recent years, Stories offer new ways to effectively interact with Instagram users, the vast majority (70%) of whom view them daily. Stories can also be shared and thus help in improving your engagement rate.

create reels

These are popular short videos on Instagram, largely inspired by the concept of TikTok. This new feature can drive your brand an engagement rate of over 3.79% and represents a good opportunity to reach other users.

buy instagram ads

Even if it means unlocking a budget, you might as well spend it! Think about Instagram ads for example to promote your content and reach new users.

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