Get a Free Number with Digitrade

Digitrade with its site provides you with a lifetime multimedia phone number that you can redirect to any number. You always have the same number after walking or even while traveling…

Once registered with Digitrade and made your selection multimedia number (Type 098000XXXX) You can redirect the call from this number to your real number. So if you are going ahead and want to be accessible through the same number as usual, just redirect your free number Arithmetic for the number of your travel location.

Thus the user can directly receive calls on his phone or on his computer anywhere. he can also cheap phone calls From your mobile to an international one for the cost of a local call. The service also offers voicemail (messages are sent to your mailbox).

If you are interested, you can register for free on the site: and select your phone number.

Digitrade promises many more features in the near future.

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