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We talk a lot about viral marketing as having a mysterious, artistic element that involves a certain luck factor to trigger “virality.” However, there are software and services that allow marketers to create this virginity, to trigger it mechanically. result ? Rapidly increasing visibility, a generation of MASS leads. Read this article to understand how to set up your viral marketing machine…

Do you know who contributed to the success of the Dropbox storage platform?

Much of this is their “automatic” viral marketing.

In fact, their sponsorship system (still active today) allows users to get free storage space for every sponsored person who registers with Dropbox (even creating a free account, without subscribing to membership).

So even users of a free Dropbox account with storage limited to 2 gigs are given the opportunity to promote the service, in exchange for which they will earn +0.5 gigabytes of free storage for each referral. Clever, and formally effective.

Is this some kind of affiliation? No, not really, because here it is not a question of some third person promoting dropbox to get remuneration, but many innumerable Users or customers of this Platform who promote themselves.

Looking at this example, we understand that it is ultimately the company Dropbox that itself was the architect of this viral system.

Where is the luck factor here? no where ! Everything is thought out, organized, planned for this purpose.

Now you’re going to tell me that you don’t have an army of developers at your service to help you plan and program this kind of sponsorship/reward system…

But rest assured, you don’t need to. In a moment, I will tell you how to easily achieve this on your own.

But first, let’s try to discuss the strategies available to you based on your products or services.

Based on the example of Dropbox, we can understand that the key is to find a “gift” or “reward” that you are sure your customers and prospects want. And here it is important to include PROSPECTS as well.

Why ? Of course for virginity! Not all DROPBOX users are subscribers, as they do not pay for the subscription, but use the service with free functions. So these users are potential, but, they may also sponsor other users as they are an integral part of the viral system set up by DROBOX.

For your business, you need to have the same approach: What can attract your customers and prospects?

Ideally, you should be looking for a reward that you can multiply, or “share” to infinity, without spending much. Because really, if Dropbox offered 100 gigs of storage instead of 0.5 for every referral received, it would be great for users, but not for Dropbox, which only collects very few new customers at a high cost. will do!

So take a blank sheet of paper, and spend 10 minutes thinking about what types of rewards or compensation might suit your customers and your prospects.

Then, to help you generate ideas for your activities, here are concrete examples, available in a variety of formats:

“lottery” format

The “lottery” format probably works best for physical products, but can also be used for non-material products.

The principle is to set up a lottery so that for each sponsored godson (the new person entering the lottery), we earn a point. At the end of the lottery, the person(s) with the most points wins.

The prize will (or will not) be the physical product to be won. These packages should include products (or services) that are relevant to what you want to sell, to attract new users who are genuinely interested in your products, and therefore, in the medium term, likely to buy Is.

So if you run an online store of luxury leather goods like belts and fashion accessories don’t miss out on winning the latest I-PHONE! There is no connection and “everyone” wants an iPhone, but not necessarily a luxury handmade leather belt or bracelet. Grow Your Email List Yes, but with interested contacts.

In my example from a luxury leather goods store, it seems more relevant to offer 3 prizes to win with a handmade and personalized leather belt.

But we could do better, because in the event of a lottery, you have to compensate for the low chances of winning with an “extremely” lucrative gift, a real jackpot! So one belt may not be enough, you have to put package, probably to offer many products in lot perceived value increase,

Don’t be afraid to give nice gifts, it determines your lottery success, and tell yourself that it’s ultimately only the first 1, 2 or 3 people who win… not the others.

What to do with lottery losers?

Losers have registered for your lottery with your e-mail address, so you can contact them again at the end of the lottery to ask for, for example, a small reduction voucher that dried their tears. Will giveā€¦ and earn you money.

  • Disadvantages of this strategy

This is also what makes it so strong, it is a one-time, short-term phenomenon that must be repeated several times a year, and many times it requires investing time and effort. Organization, Energy.

  • Benefits of this strategy:

In short, since the event is short-lived, it can further stimulate interested people, and facilitate sharing. It could also make it possible to “cast a wide net”, and suddenly mobilize a lot of people, as it is potentially possible. earn something, for absolutely nothing.

“voucher” format

You can also give a voucher or promotion code in exchange for sponsorship. If someone (godfather / godfather), recommends a friend (godson) to participate in your sponsorship program, and the friend (-e) subscribes to it with his e-mail, the godfather / sponsor wins a voucher (or a promotional code).

Do you want to give gifts only after sponsoring a total of 3 or more referrals? There is no problem! Most viral campaign creation software allows this.

  • advantage of this strategy

He is evergreen! This means that it works full time throughout the year. You put it in place once, and it runs on autopilot. So it is very economical in time and energy. But be careful, any campaign requires fine-tuning and improvisation. The risk of not touching it anymore after a month and not getting better is real.

  • Disadvantages of this strategy

If you have a large customer database (email list), this solution may work. In fact, your existing customers are more likely to be interested in vouchers or promo codes than strangers.

Conversely, if your client/-tes database is not large enough, the virality of your campaign may be limited. Vouchers or promo codes are actually much less attractive to someone who doesn’t know the brand yet, and who has never had the opportunity to order.

“Milestone” format (milestone)

Here again, for each newly sponsored godson, it will be possible to earn 1 point. Then, we can define “milestones” associated with a fixed number of points. For example, the first milestone by 3 points, the second by 5, then 10, etc.

On crossing each milestone, the sponsor wins a prize, a gift.

The participants’ interest is piqued by uncovering the various milestones and gifts to be won from the very beginning.

A little advice, with this format, I recommend giving a small gift as soon as you get the first issue (the first sponsorship).

Why ?

First, it reassures participants that the system is working well and that the points are counted (very important!).

Second, it gives them a sense of accomplishment immediately, and motivates them to keep going without delay.

  • advantage of this strategy ,

Helps encourage participants to promote the system as they move up through the ranks.

  • Disadvantages of this strategy ,

The main downside is that it’s not always easy to find multiple rewards or gifts to associate with the milestone. But with a little creativity it is possible!

Tools and software available to run viral marketing campaigns

If you’re looking to set up your viral campaign, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions: where to start, how to organize, what tools or software to use?

With regard to the software that makes it possible to create these viral campaigns, the most famous and complete are probably the up-viral or viral loop. Viral Loop provides the advantage of being very well guided for the choice of campaign type with examples of use cases.

Kingsumo service is an interesting and very economical option, very well done and simple, but limited to lottery format only.

Seeing the offerings and functionalities of these different services will also help you in realizing your project. All you have to do is apply, and take action!

If you have questions about setting up your viral marketing campaign, or advice on how to organize your strategy, leave a comment at the bottom of the article! I would be happy to answer them!

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