Gen Z behavior when trying new products

The latest research from Pinterest reveals some interesting insights into Gen Z’s behavior toward trying out new products…

Some Numbers on Generation Z by Pinterest

According to a Harvard Business School study, brands launch more than 30,000 new products every year, and about 95% of them fail to achieve long-term success. How can brands beat these barriers? Pinterest offers to turn to Generation Z to try new products.

The social network shared new information highlighting the interests of Generation Z to try new products. According to recent research, “zoomer” ,

  • are more open to seeing if they would prefer a new product over their current brand or product;
  • Are 20% more likely to try a new product than members of other generations.

Being one of the first to try out new products was also a top buying motivator for Generation Z. Members of this age group:

  • purchased 80% more new products in the last 12 months than other generations;
  • They were 15% more likely to do so within a week of launching a product.

With respect to Pinterest users:

  • There are even more zoomers using Pinterest “obsessed with new products” compared to those who do not use Pinterest;
  • Gen Z pinners appear to be adopting new products 3.7 times faster.

Generation Z, aiming to entice you to grow your business

We can never say it enough: Generation Z is aiming for the seduction to evolve in the long term. Furthermore, statistics prove it:

  • Information Resources (IRI) found that Gen Xers were 20% more likely than other generations to try and compare new products. them with the brands or products they were currently using;
  • Insider Intelligence predicted last year that Gen Z would overtake Millennials as the largest consumer base of new products by 2026.

“Gen Z is the most individualistic and expressive generation we have ever seen., They are constantly looking for new experiences to develop their own personality. And for these reasons, they are more motivated to buy and consume new products, to discover and express who they are and how they want to be seen in society. says Pinterest researcher Alvin Lee.

So that same observation favors Pinterest, as the social network revealed in its study that brands engaging with Gen Z pinners will see an average of 14 times more opportunities for revenue growth than results achieved by targeting other generations. You have to keep this in mind, because 95% of the 30,000 new products launched each year fail over time.

To reach an audience ready to try out new products, Pinterest offers a number of tips:

  • Launch your new product on Pinterest: Pinterest’s advertising solutions move people from “want to try” to “will buy” quickly and efficiently;
  • Help Gen Zs do their best. Be sure to feature zoomers in your ad creative and copy how your products can help them express their unique identity;
  • Take advantage of Pinterest trends: People flock to Pinterest to know their thoughts about the future. Our Pinterest Leverage Trends Predictions 2022 Report For That.

Source: Pinterest

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