From storytelling to story creation, what’s changing?

Faced with the rise of digital technology and stiff competition on the web, various new resources are constantly appearing to attract and satisfy the consumers. From now on, the art of telling a story or telling a good story to evoke emotions is no longer enough to convince them, they are becoming more and more demanding in the face of the variety of services and products available in the market. Storytelling thus paves the way for story creation in which the consumer is more involved…

The birth of story creation with the consumer-actor

In the 90s, presenting a service or product through advertising was no longer enough to convert a customer into a customer. Marketers had to make sure they mastered the art of telling great stories to encourage them to move and buy them.

Employed in both marketing and politics, storytelling was sometimes seen as a form of mental manipulation. However, this communication and marketing tool was systematically put forward to tell the story of the brand or company. Thus, marketers and various companies who resorted to it, achieved greater success than those who employed traditional techniques of promotion.

Subsequently, the influence of social networks on marketing and brands gave rise to consumer actors or techniques that involve more consumers. Sympathetic, the marketer must now slip into the user’s skin to write their story. Through story creation, he invites her to collaborate and participate in the story to include him. This places it at the center of a creative force at the service of the brand to arouse its emotions and capture its attention.

How to effectively use story creation in your marketing strategy?

Be sure to satisfy each of your customers to attract others, as opinions left online have a great impact on consumers’ choices. To optimize their experience during their shopping trip, be sure to engage them. Actually, user engagement is necessary to participate in storymaking. This way, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your products in order to improve them.

At the same time, use influencer marketing. Choose influencers with a strong community of followers to promote your brand, services or products. Also called a “digital genius”, he has made himself known by providing content that meets the needs of his followers. In order to maintain this community, they must continue on this path, especially by providing an interesting brand experience for it. By taking advantage of these influencers, you combine story building and influencer marketing, increasing your chances of growing your customers. Some influencers who have millions of customers, the biggest brands are approached to promote their new products.

In addition, integrate different digital communities to encourage consumers to share their content. Conversely, share the content of different pages. Being a part of this universe allows you to co-create and distribute your branded content. By sharing your content, consumers become digital storytellers of company history.

What if you show advertisers the importance of brand social media? Brand social media plays an essential role in a company’s marketing strategy, as it is the main point of brand interaction with consumers. While some advertisers still give little importance to this aspect, others are now aware of the power and performance of this medium. So your brand must rely on all communication channels to increase its chances of reaching its target.

Lastly, use the trading platform. Consumers can participate in your branded content if you use or create an Exchange Platform. It is especially through this type of digital device that consumers can express themselves. A real tool for co-creation, these platforms are well suited to story creation and generally lead to their engagement. They also make it possible to reach a larger audience that can move beyond the target.

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