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Words sell. Even in the modern world of YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Netflix, where images come to us from all over, the written (or spoken) word is still the most powerful tool you can have as a coach for selling. is as …

Selling does not mean that someone will buy your product or hire you to train it.

You are good at what you do, aren’t you?

Are you getting results?

And you know that if people sign up with you, they’ll lose pounds, get fitter, look better, ultimately live longer, feel happier, and be more confident.

But it’s hard to reach the average person who thinks fitness is just a chore…too hard.

With a number of quick fixes and fad diets, the general public is on their toes, their lie radar alert, and to them you may be just another charlatan, ready to make easy money with these weight loss issues. Huh …

So how can a trusted, respected, genuine coach like you or me show people how wonderful their lives can be if they invest in us?

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Tip #1 – Use Emotion

People don’t sign up with a personal trainer because they want to lose 5 pounds, run a half marathon, or lift 300 pounds.

They sign up because they want to feel the confidence of losing weight, the praise of their friends for completing a half marathon, and the pride of lifting those 300 pounds.

You are not selling fitness. you sell emotionYou What comes from being in good shape?

Tip #2 – Pain Instead of Pleasure

People are twice as likely to do something because it gives them relief as it gives them pleasure.

A potential customer who reads your sales copy may feel stressed, angry because they are out of shape, or even embarrassed about their body.

You need to uncover that pain, how it can be used as inspiration, and then show them how you can make them happy.

Tip #3 – Benefits, Not Features

You can sell several features of your business:

  • 30-minute exercise session;
  • a delicious nutrition plan;
  • Brand new equipment including kettlebells and free weights.

Someone reading this might just be wondering “So what? to all of the above.

You want them to know why they are doing something. Tell me what will be the benefit.

Tip #4 – Give Free Gifts

This doesn’t mean you have to offer free workouts, but it’s always a good idea to include free, useful information and tips in your lessons.

You don’t have to offer high-value freebies, but offer something useful to your target customers.

The ethical dilemma of copywriting

Many fitness professionals struggle with sales. And that’s fine. You don’t want to turn yourself into another lousy internet marketer, but at the same time, you have to eat.

But there’s no reason copywriting can’t be done ethically, especially if you use the four tips we just covered.

Above all, remember that you know your job. You know how to help people lose weight, get fit, live longer, and be a better parent, friend, husband or wife.

You know how to change life for the better, and that’s something worth selling. Copywriting helps you do this.

Did this article help you understand copywriting better? If so, don’t hesitate to take a look at my own site!

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