Fnac Darty and Glaze are reinventing the customer experience…

Fnac Darty facilitates access to additional tips related to the selected product thus enriching the online shopping journey…

Shopping experience is essential to your success

First and foremost, think of a store (online or in person) when you have nothing to buy – stores that not only have amazing products, but offer an enjoyable shopping experience. These stores are different in your mind, aren’t they? Today, the shopping experience is arguably more memorable than the products.

The shopping experience is the complete set of perceptions that customers receive when they purchase a product or service, and even how they feel after the transaction is completed. The shopping experience is all about feelings, emotions and sensations. By creating a memorable shopping experience for your customers, you are much closer to closing your next sale.

So how do you design an unforgettable, authentic and successful shopping experience to win over your customers? Following the example of Fnac Darty, it is possible to offer a web merchandising tool and pronounce it “store spirit” on its e-commerce sites.

A New Web Merchandising Tool to Optimize the Online Shopping Experience

In partnership with French startup Glaze, FNAC Darty has launched a new web merchandising tool to optimize the online shopping experience through value-added content on the group’s e-commerce sites.

Ultimately, customers will benefit from a more impactful and efficient shopping experience as they will be informed and guided in their choices by additional information that appears directly on the pages of the fnac.com and darty.com sites.

Offered accessories, compatibility indications, services, promotions, delivery systems … and other information are added to help optimize the use of the chosen product for a customer experience that is both digital and more human .

Pronounce it “store spirit” on its e-commerce sites

To increase value creation on the web and enhance “store sentiment” on its e-commerce sites, Glaze has developed a similar web application for Fnac Darty. The solution provides value-added content based on building fully responsive and customizable graphic tools and programmable campaigns to enrich the customer journey.

This solution has already paid off, as it has made it possible to observe conversion rate effects from 200 to 400% for exposed panels.

elements of the shopping experience

What should you consider when designing a shopping experience? Whether on offline or online channels, there are several pillars to guide your strategic actions, the main ones being:


The first element of the shopping experience is the environment. It refers to all the decorative and visual aspects present in your physical or e-commerce location. This varies by the color of the walls, lighting, posters and music in physical stores. In online stores, you may see variations in the color, design and page size of catalog images or buy button locations.

Simplicity of navigation on the site or application

Did you know that 25% of online shoppers abandon their cart (source) because of the complexity of website navigation. Over-designing and cluttering a website with unnecessary symbols and numbers, multiple fonts and font colors, or high contrast colors can dramatically reduce completion rates.

product reviews

According to Bright Local, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, while 49% only choose businesses with at least a four-star rating. Product reviews consist of the following elements: scoring system, review comments, communication of reviews. Product reviews can help your e-commerce site get discovered through SEO and add credibility to your products, services of your e-commerce site.


As simple as it sounds, it cannot be stressed enough: Friendly matters. When asked what makes an exceptional online shopping experience, 45% of customers said that usability is important, especially when it comes to their interactions with customer service representatives.
If you want your online customers to be lifelong customers, then provide them with a great shopping experience.

Source: Fnac Darty

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