Feelings! The key to improving sales of all products!

We know that it is difficult to know how to be truly successful in converting a visitor into a buyer of your product. We want to improve your sales. Here we will look at the real reason why your customer is definitely going to buy your product!

It is in our consumer society that our vision of buying a product has changed a lot. But the principle remains the same from the beginning! However simple it is and it is deeply embedded within us. Our purchases are influenced by our emotions. Proof with this nostalgic Pizza Hut digital marketing campaign! Your desire to buy a product does not come from the amount of money in your wallet. Not! It is a mental and spontaneous phenomenon.

A field that even attracts science!

As you know, emotions are an innate characteristic of individuals. They intervene in an automatic and irreversible way under very precise circumstances according to the feelings sought. For example the threat faced under fear. Emotions can be seen as reflections, in contrast to marketing connotations, which require learning to know only a part of it. A child, when he wants to buy candy, does not use any marketing sense, but his desire to buy candy. This translates into a feeling of euphoria, jealousy and joy here.

Just as a psychologist wants to emotionally solve the problems of his patients, so should you be in your sales. Also, try to activate your client’s senses such as touch or smell. Like “Imagine not suffering from the heat of the sun in your apartment at home in the middle of summer, thanks to our air conditioning”. Stimulate every emotion of the customer as much as possible and focus on how the customer is feeling and what your product might interest them.

Manipulation of the client’s feelings and senses. The dreaded sixth sense of the salesperson!

As seen in the second part, science is also interested in emotions. To improve your sales, manipulating the feelings and senses of the customer is the most formidable and effective way to sell a product. Having looked at the interest of emotions, let us now see how we can put this sixth sense into practice. It is important to know for what purpose your product can improve your customer’s life. It goes without saying that in order to establish this atmosphere of trust, we must activate the right emotions in our customer. This area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrust, I will explain its role to you, thank you for this comparison.

You go to the comic book store with your friend. The latter notices a cartoon strip on the shelves and urges you to buy it. The closeness and trust you have in your friend will make buying it easier than if it were a complete stranger who recommended it to you.

After building your client’s trust, you need to play with the client’s heart strings. Find the loophole that will force him to take out his credit card and go to the cashier. To do this, you need to ask him questions and see how the product can meet his needs. Reassure him, as it is necessary to clear all doubts of the customer, which makes him hesitant to buy the product. It is the fear of risk. It is this feeling that must be put to an end. Explain to him that the purchase of your product is not a danger zone, but a risk-free zone or regrets after purchase.

Emotions also play an important role in building customer loyalty. Getting them well done helps in spreading a good image of you and at the same time helps in spreading your product face to face. A free ad about a customer who is happy and confident about their purchase is a great way to improve your sales later.

in short

A customer bases their purchases on their feelings, as they are instinctive and automatic, acting as a reflection. Your goal, therefore, is to improve and sell your product, therefore stimulating your customers’ feelings as well as their senses. It creates an atmosphere of trust. This assures the customer. You can then offer him products tailored to improve his daily life. Once this atmosphere is established, play to the customer’s sensitive melody by explaining to him that your product can only be beneficial to him, even in the long term.

You will eradicate the feeling of fear and doubt in the customer, which is the first source of denial of payment by his last. Know that there are professionals in the manipulation of emotions. In order to improve the sales of customers they are requested on the internet. They’re copywriters, but I’m looking forward to future articles on this topic ^^ . I will develop more

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