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With the increasing development of digital marketing strategies, you are forced to use social networks to sell your services or products. it is inevitable. But to reach your goal effectively, it is essential to know the most popular platforms and the uses according to each profile. Let’s check in…

During the second quarter of 2022, Klarna, a leader in banking, shopping and payment services, conducted a survey with 14,000 consumers across 13 countries. The study is conducted on at least 1,000 respondents per country, including 1,100 respondents in France.

The survey highlights the 6 social networks most popular with French people to buy products from:

  • 47% of respondents prefer shopping opportunities on YouTube. Of the 13 countries questioned, France ranks third with Germany, behind Ireland with 52% and Australia with 49%.
  • 46% turn to Facebook. Denmark and the United States rank first with 60% each. They are followed by Norway with 52%, Switzerland with 50%, Australia with 47% and Finland. France thus comes in at 5th position.
  • 33% like Instagram. France is second behind the United Kingdom with 35%.
  • 32% use Snapchat. The United States ranks first with 43% when it comes to shopping on this social network. They are followed by Germany and Denmark with 33%, then France.
  • 21% choose to visit Pinterest. Among the 13 countries concerned, France is one of the first to use the platform, along with Denmark and the United States.
  • 10% people choose Tiktok. This media is still rarely used for purchases in the 13 countries surveyed. The United States is the first country to favor it for product purchases, followed by Germany and France.

However, it should be remembered that the popularity of Facebook has dropped from 58% to 46% as of the first quarter of 2022. It is no longer the preferred network of the French for online shopping, far ahead of YouTube.

Variation in usage by generations

Also according to this study, live online shopping and social networks contribute to engagement, boost discovery and allow you to learn more about the target’s purchasing decisions. Every company should know the different profiles related to survey to reach and explain their target more easily.

Actually, the analysis deals with 4 types of goals:

  • Baby boomers are people over the age of 58;
  • Generation X consists of individuals between the ages of 42 and 57;
  • Millennials include everyone between the ages of 26 and 41;
  • Generation X brings together all the young people who are above 25 years of age.

Facebook for Gen X and Baby Boomers

Overall, across the 13 countries surveyed, Facebook is the most appreciated social media by Generation X and Baby Boomers. In France, 64% of Baby Boomers use this platform for their online purchases, compared to 54% among Generation X.

Therefore, if your business targets Generation X and/or Baby Boomers, you will need to advertise your products on Facebook to entice them to buy.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for Millennials

Millennials prefer to turn to Facebook or Instagram. This is the case in all the countries surveyed, except for Finland, where YouTube is the most popular platform. In France, 55% of millennials use Facebook, while 50% of them prefer Instagram. Furthermore, only 36% favor YouTube.

Video is one of the most used and popular formats among Internet users. YouTube, which is one of the favorite sites in France and many countries for online shopping, has offered online advertising and online shopping for a few years now. Specifically, you can bet on this platform to generate traffic, increase your visibility, and promote your brand. It is also recommended to create a store on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat for Gen Z

Across all countries surveyed, TikTok remains the most popular platform for Gen Z online shopping. In France, 48% use this social network. However, the majority, 59%, of Gen Z prefer to shop for products on Instagram, while 29% choose Snapchat instead.

There are different features to make social media shopping easier. Thanks to the “Live Shopping” function, you can link the products published directly to your shop’s feed. Specifically on Snapchat, you can increase your visibility by advertising, whereas on TikTok, you can link your profile to your store and publish directly on the platform.

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