Facebook Stories may soon display comments in stories?

Facebook is testing a new way to interact with Stories. The social network may soon display reactions to stories directly in the stories itself…

Comments on Facebook Stories

Facebook may soon display comments directly in Stories, after Facebook and Instagram offered to plan their stories on the business suite.

Like Instagram Stories, content shared with Stories will appear at the top of the Facebook News Feed. To view the story, users simply tap on the circle of friends at the top of the app. While viewing the story, users can also respond with a direct message.

In the current story layout, there is only one possibility to comment on the story: “Send a message” next to the responses.

If you want to reply to a user story, it’s easy. When viewing a story, tap “Write a direct response to this. [son nom] “. Direct responses can be found in the Direct section of the Facebook app and can only be viewed by you and the recipient.

in details :

  • Open your Facebook app. In the top panel you will find all the Facebook stories shared by your friends;
  • Tap the name of a particular user or group in the History panel;
  • The options will appear in the lower panel;
  • Now select photos or videos from your gallery or capture them on the spot. Press the send button.

But it could all be ancient history, because according to a tweet posted by @ohitsmerenz and shared by Matt Navarra, the new format offers two options for responding to Facebook Stories:

  • or a public “comment” to leave the said comment which will be displayed on the frame;
  • Or a “message” invitation so that responses remain private.

A new engagement option on Facebook Stories?

This can have many implications for increasing your Facebook engagement rate and interacting better with Facebook Stories. Showing you how others reacted, on the screen, can trigger even more Facebook reactions, in turn prompting others to share their reactions.

Let’s not forget, about 500 million people use Stories every day on Facebook. It is very clear that despite the fleeting nature of the stories, their impact is lasting. And they’ve been shown to be just as effective in increasing brand awareness on Facebook feed and Instagram Stories.

Indeed, according to a survey published by Facebook, after consulting a company story:

  • 58% of respondents say they have visited a brand’s website;
  • 50% say they have visited a website to purchase a product or service;
  • 31% went to a store to evaluate products.

That’s why stories are an essential asset to your social media strategy. Simply put, you can use Facebook Stories in marketing in a number of ways:

  • Use surveys to encourage engagement
  • post for sale
  • Highlight special events or holidays
  • Share a new product or service
  • Share user-generated content

To help you get the most out of your Facebook Stories, consider:

  • Use stories for urgent posts;
  • make them interactive;
  • Set goals for your campaigns;
  • Perform A/B testing of various content formats.

Stories on Facebook are therefore an excellent opportunity for brands to present themselves to their audiences with engaging content and offers. By taking advantage of the new features Facebook offers, it can make it a new engagement option to strengthen community bonds.

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