Facebook Messenger celebrates its 10th anniversary with these new features

This week, Facebook Messenger is launching its 10. celebratingI Anniversary with great innovation. Voting game, new contact sharing feature, cash gifts… Facebook has announced 10 new Messenger features to mark the occasion…

Messenger launched new features

Messenger launched its 10. Announced many new features on the occasion ofI Spring:

  • Birthday gift in cash via Facebook Pay;
  • Birthday customization tools plus cat theme with 360 degree balloons and VR effects for birthdays;
  • new birthday stickers;
  • Word Effect: This new way to associate words with emoji will allow you to choose an emoji to associate with a certain word or words, which will then trigger an on-screen explosion of that emoji character when used in your cat . This can be an interesting way to spice up your group chats and highlight specific words that have special meaning to you and your friends;
  • New way to share Facebook contacts with friends via Messenger. To do this, simply select the contact you want to share, access the chat settings and press “Share Contact” in the “More Actions” section. This could make it easier for people to connect through the app and recommend them to businesses, thus providing potential networking benefits;
  • Poll Games, an interactive poll option that allows you to discover new information about your friends. This feature is great for generating engagement in Messenger chats, but it’s also a fun idea to generate discussion in your groups.

In addition to these fun features, Facebook tested a way to add voice and video calls to the Facebook app itself instead of Messenger.

The app also shared some information about major Messenger milestones, indicating among other things that Voice Notes is at an all-time high this year.

Messenger: A Required Connection Option

With 1.3 billion active users on Messenger, do you think the app still has the potential to beat other messaging options like Instagram Direct or WhatsApp?

Facebook Messenger marketing is one of the most effective tips available to marketers today. Email marketing is massive when backed by powerful chatbots.

Messenger is conversational, interactive and quick, Unlike other communication channels like email marketing, which tends to be more isolated and impersonal. The differentiator is the use of chatbots. These automated email programs drive traffic to landing pages and contact an individual if a customer wants one. Chatbots aren’t unique to Messenger, but they add atomic power to the average messaging experience when it comes to Messenger marketing.

In all cases, chatbot or not, personalize your messages on Messenger as much as possible. A little personalization can be very helpful in showing customers that you appreciate them. Little things like customer names, emojis, soundmojis and how to use new features can make a big difference.

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