Facebook is testing a new “green screen” build option

Have you noticed that Facebook Stories has new features for both users and content creators, especially in 2021? And it does not intend to stop! The social network is now testing a new “green screen” option in the story creation tool…

Small preview of Facebook stories green screen

Green Screen or Green Screen will allow users to present their videos on a pre-selected video or still image. They’ll be able to add a video or an image from their camera roll in the background, then upload their story to it.

Testing this feature was noticed by Mamoon Bilah: And one example was shown by app researcher Matt Navarra who tweeted how the new option would be available on Facebook Stories.

Even though Facebook’s idea was not original, Facebook decided to incorporate it into its platform, knowing that it had already been successfully executed.

A green screen … what is it?

Green screens were once reserved for those who had access to green screens, period. This method has existed for a long time – it allows creators to overlay a photo or video on top of a movie or video background. Traditionally, this has meant using a setup that consists of (usually) a large sheet of green material behind the subject. Solid color makes it easy to digitally remove that color in post-production and add whatever image or video you want to be there.

Today, the idea of ​​a green screen has gone digital as a way to hide meeting backgrounds or create funny social media videos. TikTok took that idea and leveraged it by creating an in-app effect that basically does the same thing. Although not as polished as a traditional green screen, it still gets the job done and allows the producer to stay on screen while showing the audience the background image of the video.

A great tool for content creators

On Facebook, the Green Screen option available in Facebook Story Builder Tools can be a great tool for content creators with Stories. Effects are a great way to spice up a video and provide an interesting visual. The new tool will allow users to add a video or still image as the background of their videos. It’s the same green screen effect that’s available on Instagram Stories.

Unlike Instagram Stories, the green screen on Facebook Stories will be available as an editing tool, not a filter or effect. Based on the screenshot, the editing tool “Create Story” appears at the top of the screen along with others – text, boomerang and selfie. Tapping on the green screen will open the effect where users can add a photo or video from their phone and then register on that background.

The feature, already available on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram, allows content creators to communicate creatively and deliver more relevant and meaningful content to their audiences.

This is what makes Facebook Stories engaging, with users choosing their favorite backgrounds from the camera roll and exploring the tools provided by the app, making their stories completely engaging. Users can also film themselves in the background of their choice, as seen in many TikTok content creator videos.

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