Everything you need to know about mobile attribution

Where do my app downloads come from? Are they profitable? Which channels should be favored and which should be discarded? So many questions that application editors can ask themselves and that’s what Adjust explores in its new guide. Basics of Mobile Attribution, downloadable for free.

Ten years after the appearance of the iPhone, the digital landscape has changed dramatically. According to Médiamétrie, the French are not only “mobile first”, supporting mobile to the detriment of computers (1), but also “app first”, preferring 85% of navigation in applications rather than the web. browser (2).

Click here to download the “Mobile Attribution Basics” guide

This change in use is accompanied by a hardening of the collection of navigation data. In addition to the introduction of new CNIL banners related to the use of cookies, major players in the industry such as Apple are planning to introduce “intelligent tracking prevention” technology, which blocks any collection of third-party cookies on Safari 11. Used to be. The default browser for future Macs, iPads and iPhones…

Mobile First, App First, End of Cookie… Must turn to tools. application but also to understand the origin of its download.

In its white paper The Basics of Mobile Attribution, Adjust, a European pioneer in mobile measurement, proposes to understand how mobile attribution works and how it differs from web attribution, Download Kiosk (Apple App Store, Google Play). Store) and with the emergence of new. Advertising identifiers (IDFA on Apple, GID on Google).

The guide also looks back at the attribution economy to understand a mobile advertising ecosystem that has become quite complex with the rise of programmatic (Trading Desk, DSP, DMP, etc.) and the emergence of new advertising on the buying side. Network (AdNetwork, SSP), in the context of the sale of ad space.

The guide also addresses concepts such as the attribution window, attribution cascade or attribution model, and the central role of data in managing its acquisition strategy.

guide Mobile Attribution Basics Finally it comes back to the fraud risks that application editors can face, with bogus installations of applications that can seriously affect their budgets and the profitability of their marketing operations.

Whether it’s analyzing its download origins, comparing different ad networks or optimizing its marketing budget, to maximize its return on investment (ROI) and the value of its users (Life Time Value) . Mobile Attribution Basics Essential for all marketers who aspire to be successful in their mobile marketing strategy and thus want to reach a market estimated at over $6 trillion (3) by 2021.

Click here to download the “Mobile Attribution Basics” guide

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Article written in collaboration with Adjust

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