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In recent years, social networks have become the new mass media. If earlier they served as a complement to other media, they are now taking center stage and reaching a large number of users around the world. In the face of such enthusiasm, an interesting study has recently been published on the way the French behave on social networks. In addition to following certified training on social media, it allows you to optimally develop your strategy on social networks…

Social networks thanks to mobile

According to the 2022 Digital Report published by We Are Social and Hootsuite, about 60% of the world’s population uses social networks and spends about 2.5 hours a day there. The number of Internet users worldwide is estimated at 5 billion and 92% of them use their mobiles to connect to social networks and for other activities on the web.

Thus the use of social networks has evolved with the rise of the Internet and mobile phones. If they were previously used to train, grow their network of friends and communicate among peers, they have become much more than simple entertainment platforms since the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who were reluctant and undecided also took the plunge, as it was physically impossible to meet during this period.

In 2022, social networks serve as information media for 7% of French people, including 14% of young people under the age of 35. According to him, compared to traditional media, they are more practical and relevant in terms of information and communication.

5 types of most active social media users in 2022

With so many social platforms, increasingly competitive with each other, there is a tendency to diversify usage. But generally, most users become more active and demonstrate the ability to create their own personalized content to find their own audience.

Dentsu published a study taking into account these many developments, before determining the different types of social network users. The Large International Communication Group conducted its study with 420,000 individuals around the world, including 15,000 French people aged 15 to 75.

Dentsu Data Labs, its Insights and Analytics division, has defined different profiles of sociologists by considering their characteristics as well as their evolution over time in terms of media usage and personality.

The results obtained made it possible to identify five types of users:

  • Connectors: 38%;
  • Inactive: 21%;
  • Viewers: 18%;
  • commentators: 14%;
  • Author: 9%.


Connectors are the most numerous, as they represent 38% of those surveyed. Although they typically only communicate within their private sphere, they use instant messaging and share content spontaneously. If the rate of connectors was 22% in 2019, a considerable increase was registered from 2020 with 36% respondents.


Inactive, those who rarely log into social media, made up 21% of respondents. While browsing posts, they do not react but only view photos, videos and messages posted by other users. The number of passives decreased from 26% to 21% as compared to 2019.

the audience

In 2019, the viewership rate was 23%. By 2021, this figure has fallen to 18%. So there are fewer and fewer people who just view photos, videos or other content without interacting on social media.


Commentators which were 15% in 2019 have increased to 14%. Very active, they participate in discussion groups, share and publish. However, they rarely participate in content creation.


Writers stagnate at about 10 to 9% between 2015 and 2022. They regularly produce content that they publish and share with their many network of clients. The author is often present on various forums. Today, they have access to a range of tools that allow them to create a wide variety of original and authentic content. Note that Instagram and TikTok have contributed to the emergence of this new generation of creators to a great extent.

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