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Facebook has updated its ‘Transfer Your Information’ tool to make transferring your data from the social network to other services “simpler and more intuitive”.

Facebook update ‘Transfer your information’

‘Transfer your information’ is a feature that allows you to transfer a copy of the information you share on Facebook to another service, such as Dropbox or Google Photos.

This is nothing new, as the tool was released in December 2019, and it only allowed uploading of photos and videos to Google Photos. But Facebook recently announced that it has over the past few months redesigned the tool to make it easier to use and thus give users more choices about where they want to store their data. Huh.

With this update, Facebook users can now:

  • Transfer their data to two new services: Photobucket and Google Calendar;
  • Transfer Facebook events (hence the inclusion of Google Calendar), which was not possible in previous versions of Facebook to have this type of data ‘Transfer your information’.

The changes introduced with this update provide users with a simpler and more intuitive experience, as they can now identify which destinations and types of data are supported.

Previously, users could choose from:

  • Seven destinations: Blogger, Google Docs, Dropbox, WordPress, Google Photos, Koofer and Backblaze and;
  • Four types of data: articles, notes, photos and videos, depending on the service chosen.

Other changes brought by this update include:

  • More transparency on the status of each transfer;
  • Ability to perform multiple data transfers to the same destination at the same time;
  • New filters that make it easier to select the exact information you want to transfer, such as specific date ranges and albums for photos and videos.

Facebook is a leader in optimizing data portability

As Facebook improves the way it provides users with more secure data portability features, its developers plan to expand the selection of data types and their destinations even further. As a result, in the near future we may see a wider range of information available for data transfer and a greater choice of places where we can transfer that information.

Facebook’s ‘Move Your Information’ and the purpose of this update, and its participation in the data transfer project with Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Apple, is to enable users to transfer their data between platforms and services without having to download them first. Is. For example, Facebook photos can be transferred to Google Photos without any problems.

As part of data portability, Facebook believes digital platforms should provide access to user data. However, there must be clear parameters about exactly what data is needed to make it available and how it can be safely transferred between platforms.

Facebook is thus a leader in the industry, and it may increase pressure on other companies to establish similar data portability processes to maximize digital freedom and transparency over data use.

Source: Facebook

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