Enhance the Colors of Your Photos with Photoshop for More Results

Here’s what people don’t know about Facebook advertising in 2021-2022. Many people still (wrongly) believe that success with Facebook Ads is a matter of over-precise targeting or tinkering with Business Manager. But it is not, because currently the most important element to be successful with Facebook ads is created,

creation is Contents of your Facebook ad (ie text, image or video) and, as I told you, this is by far the most important element to be able to generate revenue with facebook ads (Whether by getting sales on your e-commerce or getting qualified leads for your business).

That’s why I decided to create a series of materials to share with you strategies and techniques for making your creations perform better. And today, we’re going to talk about images and photos in your ads.

I’ll show you a trick:

  • It is very easy to apply;
  • which only takes 2-3 minutes;
  • Who else, giving you permissionImprove the photos you use in your adsWill make them more beautiful and efficient.

But before going any further, let me first explain to you why is it importantnice pictures on your ads and on your social networks in general.

I) Importance of beautiful pictures in your Facebook ads

I used to think that a photographer’s job was to just take a really expensive camera, take a few shots with it and have some great pictures to present to the world.

But I was really off the mark.

It’s not okay to take pictures even with a very good camera He first step. At this stage, your photos, although they may look good, still fall short of their ideal form in terms of aesthetics.

Then you have to work on them so that the colors come out more beautiful, so that the subjects are clear, or even to remove some elements.

Of course, it’s more work, but without it, you won’t have beautiful photos.

But I understand that you, as an entrepreneur or a marketer, You don’t have the patience to work “just” to make your photos look better.

Your time and resources are limited; That’s why the most important thing for you is to do those tasks which will have the most impact in terms of turnover.

In short, you are not there to present gorgeous pictures to the world. And I understand it. But you know what? it’s probably of course Help you make more figure.

remember this: The more beautiful and attractive an item is, the easier it will be to sell it to a large number of people.

People love beauty. Beauty and aesthetics have always aroused feelings and attraction in man. Be it a beautiful face of a person of the opposite sex, a beautiful house, a beautiful landscape, a beautiful car. In addition, it is the most beautiful pictures that get the most engagement on social networks.

Everything that is beautiful arouses in us the desire to possess that thing. And this applies to business as well.

Why do you think the McDonald’s teams work so hard on the aesthetics of their burger photos that we get frustrated when we visit their fast food, because the plate we have isn’t as sexy? What about advertising?

Because beauty sells. Because beauty attracts customers.

So taking 2-3 minutes to work on the colors of your photos on a tool like Photoshop is a rewarding action and an action that can have an impact.

Then you can answer me: “Yeah, but I don’t know how to use photoshop”.

I’ll confess something: I don’t even know how to use Photoshop.

In any case, 97% of the functionalities of Photoshop are inaccessible to me for skill questions because it’s too technical and I don’t have time to learn them.

But as I told you in the beginning, the tip I am going to give you is really simple to implement (even for us who are not very good with tools like photoshop).

Now that you know how the aesthetics of your photos will help you better sell your products and services, I’ll show you my tricks for making your photos more beautiful.

II) Improve the color of your photos with Photoshop

Today’s aim will be to enhance the colors of your photo. To do this, we’ll work on two main axes:

  • brightness and contrast;
  • Vitality and saturation.

Let’s get started right away and I’ll walk you through step by step.

Step 1: Open Photoshop and Select a Photo

You will go into Photoshop to open the photo/photo you want to retouch.

I am going to photograph one of my clients, for whom I manage communication and advertising campaigns on Facebook and Insta.

Step 2: Improve Brightness and Contrast

You will click on “Image” in the top bar, then you will go to “Settings” and you will click on the first option which is “Brightness / Contrast”.

A small window will open and you will have a “Brightness” part and a “Contrast” part inside.

First, stand on the “Brightness” slider and push it to the right to increase the brightness of the photo or to the left to decrease it.

There is no “right solution” here. Everything will depend on each picture, as some are brighter than others. So every time you have to adjust with the photo.

When you’re done with brightness, you’ll switch to Contrast to do the same thing: right to increase the contrast level and left to decrease it.

At this stage, your photo is more attractive than ever before, but the job isn’t over yet.

Step 3: Vibration/Saturation

Now, you have to work on the vibrancy and saturation.

You go back to “Images” in the top bar, then you go to “Settings” and you click on “Vibrance” which is the fifth option presented to you.

A small window will open and this time you will see “Vibrance” but also “Saturation”.

Now that the photo is more vivid, the vibrancy will allow you to bring out the colors. As for saturation, this will allow you to make the colors more vivid.

So here’s the thing: You take the slider and you move to the right to increase the vibrancy or saturation then to the left to decrease them.

Be careful, very important thing: people should not give the impression that you have reworked your photos. Everything should feel natural. This is one of the laws of beauty and aesthetics.

Think about people who put on a lot of makeup or have had too many surgeries: Too much beauty kills beauty.

By varying the brightness, contrast, vibrance, and saturation, you should do it in a way that looks as good as possible, but without too much exaggeration.

Now that we’ve worked out the colors of our picture and it’s more aesthetic, we need to export it to be able to use it in our ads.

Step 4: Export Photos

You click “File” in the top left, you go to “Export”, then you click “Quick export to PNG format”.

You can then save the photo to your computer and it will be ready for your social networks and advertising campaigns.

III) Conclusion

That’s all for this first content in the series “Improve your Facebook ad creation” that allowed you to make your ad photos more beautiful.

Although I’ve provided all the information for you to do it yourself, we’ll agree on one thing: this sort of thing is much easier to explain in a video tutorial than it is in text.

So I thought of making you a video tutorial here.

The video is short so don’t hesitate to watch it to see how to put the tips in this article into practice.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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