End of 280 characters soon?

“Is Elon true that Twitter is going to increase the character count from 280 to 4000? » A user tweeted on the new owner of the platform. ” Yes “, Musk replied. So the message is clear…

Twitter soon from 280 to 4,000 characters?

Twitter CEO Elon Musk still wants to remove the mic from microblogging, vowing to increase the platform’s character limit once again. As a reminder, Twitter initially had a character limit of 140 before it was increased to 280 in 2017 so that every user in the world could easily express themselves in a tweet.

This time, the proposed increase is 280 to 4,000, which is 14 times the current limit.

But this isn’t a real surprise, as Elon Musk had already implemented this change on several occasions, most notably in April, months before officially receiving the platform in late October, then one last November. In tweet.

This is not the first time that the billionaire has said that Twitter will increase its character count. In November 2022, Musk responded to a similar request by tweeting that expanding Twitter’s character limit was “on the to-do list”. This refers to a limit of 1000 characters instead of the recently proposed 4000.

But regardless of the exact number, it looks like Twitter is actually considering a significant increase in the number of characters.

Twitter Blue is back!

Meanwhile, Twitter has relaunched its much-anticipated paid verification feature, Twitter Blue. After much speculation, the company officially announced it later this week. Although the social platform launched the feature sometime last month, it was canceled after major issues with spoofing surfaced.

At launch, Twitter Blue will introduce a number of unique features, including blue checkmarks for followers. To receive blue ticks after subscribing to Twitter Blue, your account will need a verified phone number. The check mark will appear once your account has been “reviewed,” but it’s unclear what exactly will be involved in this review process.

Blue Ticks is clearly what Twitter thinks is Twitter Blue’s greatest feature. At launch, membership will offer support for editing tweets and “early access” to other “selected new features”.

Users who subscribe on iOS, however, will pay a higher price than those who subscribe through the site.

Twitter Blue will cost $8 per month if you subscribe through the website. If you choose to subscribe via iOS, Twitter charges $11 per month to offset the App Store fee.

4000 characters, a new experience for users

But back to increasing the number of characters. How will it work? When will the change be introduced? Details have not yet been released, as Musk answered with a simple “yes” without providing any additional details.

While the exact details of the increased character limit are not yet known, previous reports and tweets from Musk have suggested that Twitter may allow users to more easily split long strings of text into multiple tweets that are longer than one string. are part. It looks like the 4,000 character increase will put an end to this idea, and users can only post long blocks of text in a single post.

Recall that with 280 characters, Twitter’s goal was to allow users to easily express themselves in a tweet, while making sure to maintain the speed and brevity that makes Twitter, Twitter. The platform sensed this change in the beginning. He worried that the lines would fill up with 280-character tweets, and that those with the new limit would still use up all the space. Yet only 5% of tweets sent were longer than 140 characters and only 2% were longer than 190 characters. Therefore, the timeline playback experience hasn’t changed much.

But with 4,000 characters, 14 times the current limit, can we still call Twitter a microblogging platform? And how will users react?

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