Email, SMS and Marketing Automation in One Platform: Campaigns by Dolist

For an effective customer relationship, different channels should be linked. Especially, emails and SMS which when synced well enhance their performance. With a dose of marketing automation, of course. The good news is, there’s a tool that combines email, SMS, and marketing automation: Campaigns by Dolist. We’ve tested it for you…

Before going into detail, here’s a presentation video to give you an idea of ​​the possibilities:

Campaigns provides all the major tools and features to manage your entire customer relationship from a single interface.

A true all-encompassing tool, data is at the heart of your strategy of coordinating various levers according to your customers’ profile and actions. The database can be linked to any information system tool (CRM, ERP, reservation platform, etc.) to import and qualify your contacts on a regular basis.

Interesting : The database is multi-dimensional to integrate and exploit all the transactional data of contacts from different applications To create an even more relevant message. To learn more about this topic, visit,

To get started, you have the option of creating a responsive collection form to integrate on your site. Configurable and customizable, campaign forms automatically update and feed to your database in real time as per updated information. If you prefer to keep your existing forms, a system is offered by FTP to recover your data. Whichever solution is chosen, your data is automatically integrated into the campaign platform. Sure, Collection and management of contacts is fully GDPR compliant Since the purpose, date and IP of the contact are entered every time the form is submitted.

NB: The solution’s publisher, Dolist, is involved in the fight against spam and is a member of the M3AAWG and Signal Spam associations, 2 international working groups to fight against spam-related abuse. It is also a member of the Frenchtech Bordeaux.

Once collected through forms, contacts are integrated into the campaign database. They can be qualified (when the latter is a click, validation of a form or loading a file) according to the system of interests you have defined. Interests allow you to query your contacts to enrich your database and personalize your communication accordingly. You can also choose to specify interests for your contacts yourself.

Additionally, the campaign provides a system of labels, called tags. They allow multiple elements to be associated and organized around a theme to improve the user experience. Thus the user can easily find the targeting, message, form or statistics associated with a tag.

Focus on email delivery: The strong point of the campaign

As you know, the quality of your shipment is the key to better delivery. The solution provides a Global Quality Index (IGQ). This index aggregates several parameters of the routing of your campaigns and converts their success into a single score. Its purpose is to measure at a glance the success of your email campaigns and the quality of your mailings over time.

The campaign also integrates a special real-time monitoring, alerting and regulation technology to optimize the delivery of messages: Opera (Optimal Predictive Email Reputation Activity). This promotes better management of email delivery and the technical reputation of the senders and therefore the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Marketing automation is essential

Campaign by Dolist provides a very sophisticated and intuitive marketing automation tool, you can create scenarios with different branches connecting email and SMS.

Example : After sending a marketing campaign, automatically sending an SMS inviting them to read the information sent by email if the person hasn’t opened the email after 1 day.

Everything is possible to personalize your landscape: Many delays and behavior conditions, branches … What a joy! he is the real orchestrator of omnichannel landscape Allows you to combine email and SMS campaigns!

Here are 3 examples:

  1. “Sleeping” contact scenario: Automatically and individually relaunch your contacts who have shown no sign of activity after sending past e-mail campaigns.
  2. Birthday Scenario: Create a proposal for contacts celebrating your birthday soon.
  3. Post-purchase Satisfaction Scenario: Offer your contacts a satisfaction survey based on all the data related to the purchase.

Creating targeting for sending campaigns

You can create multiple targeting on your contact list for highly personalized mailing.

All fields in your database can be used to build targeting (personal contact details, behavioral data, transactional data, data specific to communication channels, etc.):

As soon as you create your targeting, the device indicates the email and the associated number of active contacts with the registered mobile phone to send SMS.

With this tool, you can accurately segment your audience through different filters from the data collected and your previous campaigns. These filters can be crossed (inclusion/exclusion) to be as accurate as possible to the desired target.

Design Your Email With Responsive Email Creator

Once your goal is set, it’s time to send in your campaign. There are several possibilities available to you: adding a source code or an integrated responsive email builder that makes creating advanced responsive designs very intuitive and optimized for delivery. offers to do.

Everything is done very easily without any special technical knowledge. Also note that you can have specific designs for mobile and desktop. It is also possible to personalize communication according to the device on which the person opens the message.

Once your email is ready, you need to program it. Before that, you can do a test directly from the send editor to check that everything is displayed correctly.

Follow the results of its campaigns

Once your campaigns are dispatched, you can track your statistics and key indicators to measure their performance.

You have several filters at your disposal to refine the presented data (filter by message, send type, duration…) and thus compare the starting rates as a function. Users can also access statistics by contact.

To conclude: a turnkey solution

Campaigns by Dolist through its clean interface, its advanced targeting options and its automation tools provide a turnkey solution that adapts to all needs.

4 offers are available: From Start Offers, Perfect for initiating communication by email and/or SMS, Controlling your email and SMS from your tools in the API Box Offers. Everything is flexible.

Offer details are available on this page.

To get a better idea and a customized solution, you have the option of requesting a product demo. Don’t hesitate, this will allow you to see the range of possibilities the tool has to offer.

Click here to learn more about the campaign by Dolist

Article written in collaboration with Dolist.

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