Directly share YouTube video links via Snapchat!

Snapchat announced a new feature that went unnoticed. Now you can share YouTube videos directly on the app. Even better, you can even add text and stickers to go with it…

No more copy-paste!

Every month, more than 2 billion connected users visit YouTube to watch videos and discover new content (new clips, educational content, and more), stay up to date with news, and learn more about the world around them.

Faced with this incredible opportunity, Snapchat offers a new feature that does not go unnoticed. iOS and Android users can now share videos directly from the YouTube app Instead of copying and pasting the link manually.

Therefore, you will get Personalized YouTube Stickers With Video Thumbnails instead of just a url.

Snapchat revealed the new feature on its official blog:

“Starting today, all Snapchatters on iOS and Android can share their favorite YouTube videos with their friends directly through the Snapchat camera – no more copy and paste! »

Similar integrations have been around for a while on Instagram. On Meta, it’s possible to post songs from services like Spotify and Apple Music, Podcasts and Tweets stories.

On Snapchat, in addition to custom YouTube stickers, you can also:

  • make a video;
  • taking a picture;
  • Use the “Creative Tools” when sharing a clip from YouTube.

Tapping a sticker on a photo and video will open the video directly in the YouTube app or the user’s default web browser.

When your contacts click a button below a video that says “YouTube,” it will open a tab at the bottom that, when pressed, will take them directly to the video in the YouTube app or through a browser.

To start sharing YouTube videos on Snapchat, the steps are very simple:

  • Open the YouTube app and select a video you want to share;
  • Tap Share, then select the Snapchat icon to open the Snapchat camera automatically;
  • Then create a funny Snap with automatic YouTube stickers:
  • Edit your layers with the creative tools you know;
  • Then all your friends have to do is tap on the YouTube sticker and the video will open in the YouTube app or browser.

Whether in the form of stories or as individual snaps, So videos will be more easily available. Gone are the days of copying and pasting a video link to share on Snap. The video is added as an additional item to a Story or Snap.

Overall, the option is great, although the feature won’t be as popular as the vertical video sharing demand of TikTok and Instagram. If you see a video on YouTube that you absolutely want to share, it will certainly be useful for active users. In practice, it will be exclusively YouTube shorts that lend themselves best to the format and can now be easily shared via Snapchat.

Earlier this month, Snapchat also announced new augmented reality experiences and a feature that lets users share their live location with friends. Either way, make sure you have the latest version of the Snapchat app installed on your phone to access all these features.

Not bad is it? what do you think

Source: Snapchat

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