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Wednesday July 1, Valtec, in partnership with Adobe, unveiled for Fourth Edition Results of its “Digital Marketing Barometer 2015”, This study conducted among 300 directors and marketing managers focused on the following topics: How to optimize your digital campaigns? How to improve your mobile marketing initiative? How to measure the effectiveness of your cross-channel actions? How to be successful in your digital transformation? Invited to share their experiences, 3 advertisers from very different business sectors – Deezer, PMU, Club Med – talked for over an hour…

Valtec’s consulting director Pascal Malotti paints a picture of the trends to come:

  • A significant portion of the budget allocated for digital marketing;
  • very popular mobile app with more 1/3 of the respondents claimed to have dedicated a budget to it;
  • email marketing And this SMS on top of the preferred acquisition lever;
  • Better customer knowledge thanks to the data. According to the study, 2/3 respondents consider data as a tool to improve customer knowledge,

The study also shows that the “customer journey” becomes necessary to optimize each step and each interaction, provided that the customer is placed at the center of his marketing strategy. one more change, Digital no longer appears only as a vector of acquisition, it also strengthens the image of the brand.

Data, Deezer’s Centerpiece

Faced with the proliferation of digital channels and the explosion of data sources, companies sometimes find it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their digital strategy. Actually, Analyzing the interdependence between different channels is complicated, Only by Digital Marketing Barometer 1/3 of the respondents have already combined internal company data with external data.

Because, if this data pool is exponential, it represents a tremendous opportunity for marketing managers on both the business level and customer knowledge. For a pure-player like Deezer, organization is simplified. Coriolis Ombline, the global head of media at Deezer says that ” Data is a centerpiece” And “External data is now integrated “. For conventional structures, it is still complicated. Mathilde Lamazere, Club Med Group’s Director of Internet and World CRM, anticipates a rapid merger of IT and marketing and one-off and online personalization of marketing functions. It seeks to introduce more people through a mobile application and a connected bracelet with the logic of personalization, a commodity already known to Club Med customers. Exactly the same for PMU, which has set itself a goal to be a company that is always more efficient, more agile and keeping pace with the times. Today, Vincent GodinotThe Marketing and Customer departments in PMU company, want to make better use of data to achieve more accurate sequential work but to give more importance to the people.

Mobile audience on the verge of overtaking the web

In addition to data, cross-channel presents real added value to the company, it allows you to understand the way your customers interact with your brand and maximize the impact of your marketing actions. In PMU, the cross-channel is very much present and multiple levers are exploited. Banner push works best in secure customer areas. Of course, email marketing, SMS and targeting are also widely used. Moreover, mail remains an essential lever as it is very powerful as well as outgoing calls. Deezer, whose average age of customers is 25 – 35, prefers mobile as a means of communication, with its customers being mostly mobile users. In addition, according to the Ombeline de Coriolis, Deezer may have invested In 2015 70% in mobile in app and 30% on web and mobile web,

Although awareness is widely felt, mobile is still an under-exploited channel by traditional businesses. However, the MMAF study published in January 2015 shows that 4 times more smartphones were sold than PCs in 2014 and thatMobile audience on track to overtake the web, Of course, Vincent Godinot makes sure that they are working on it and 30% of the marketing spend has already been spent on mobile.


Marketers know that today’s technologies provide a tremendous opportunity to measure one’s actions. However, digital transformation can still seem difficult to implement. In fact, a lot of data needs to be analyzed and companies don’t always have the internal skills to do this type of project themselves. with this, Mobile makes it necessary to think about new services and experiences, Fact, It has become imperative to provide a quality mobile experience to its users. Finally, the client has become unstable, it is necessary to follow and understand the user life cycle How to strengthen the synergy between the various existing levers, Because, in order to provide value and utility, the company must know how to meet, or exceed, the needs and expectations of its consumers.

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