Delivery: Opener is king

Topic #1 for CRM Managers: Making sure your emails arrive securely. Poor delivery is often the result of poor or poorly qualified databases. Having a smaller but better qualified contact base is definitely the key to email marketing success. And it is precisely this merit that will allow you to enjoy a good reputation with mailbox providers.

splio Provides you with an infographic with 10 tips for optimizing the delivery of your campaigns. 10 tips that will ensure you a good reputation with both mailbox providers and your contact database, and which will undoubtedly allow you to send the right message to the right person.

1. Choose a Quality Database

Cleaning your data consistently helps prevent hard bounces and spamtraps. And who’s to say that fewer unusable addresses say better delivery rates!

Tip: Serialize your database regularly.

2. Split Your Domain

The first step before starting your CRM strategy is to check that your domain name is correctly registered with mailbox providers to ensure they are recognized in a timely manner.

Tip: Dedicate a subdomain of your website to your email.

3. Send less to send better

Whichever channel you use, you must strike a certain balance because too much marketing pressure can be counterproductive to both the engagement of your goals but also your reputation and therefore deliverability.

Tip: Remember to systematically exclude people who already have an email within a week of your communication.

4. Target Your Active Audience as a Priority

When we know that over 300 billion emails and 6,100 billion SMS pass through the world every day, consumers simply do not have time to read through the disrupted flow of communication they receive on a daily basis.

Tip: Segment your mailings by addressing your active base as a priority.

5. Hire Your Pioneers

The more open your emails are, the more you will be recognized by MBP as a sender, producing quality content aimed at the right people.

Tip: Bet on a short and catchy email subject line.

6. To each consumer their content

A persona email has a 41% higher unique click-through rate. The better the interaction rate with email, the more positive impact it will have on your reputation.

Tip: Consider personalizing product selections in your email.

7. Facilitate the reading of the contents of the pages by the robot

The code in your email is one of the verification criteria performed by MBP to ensure that you are not spam or virus.

Tip: Check the quality of your code as per international standards.

8. Be Creative While Respecting the Rules

On average, a European runs the equivalent of 180 meters a day on his smartphone. To capture their attention, there is a need for innovative and disruptive digital content.

Tip: Choose formats that are well understood and read by MBP.

9. Not everything can be said

The MBP algorithm is instructed to block certain words. This is called a “spam word”. They should be banned from your email in the subject line and in the body of the email.

Tip: Pay special attention to the literal field used.

10. Opener is King

If a consumer is not satisfied with the offers received by email, he will unsubscribe himself 60% of the times. By avoiding harassing consumers who are not interested in your communication, your reputation is positively impacted and you meet the GDPR prerequisites.

Tip: Be respectful of these contacts by cutting them out of your communication.

Article written in collaboration with Splio

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