Day 1 of 5 webinars to boost your digital exposure and prepare for the start of the school year

Like every year, CyberCité gives you an appointment for Summer Digital, a day of conferences to boost your exposure in terms of SEO, SEA and digital marketing. Discover the event with us and register for free to follow this event…

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What is Summer Digital?

It is the day of 5 conferences, during which cybersight experts will present 5 essential topics that will allow you to prepare well for the start of the new school year:

  1. Convergent SEO / SEA Strategy;
  2. Performance Max (new Google product);
  3. Google Analytics 4;
  4. social media strategy;
  5. Site redesign.

Essential themes to strengthen your digital operations, maximize your performance and measure it accurately, diversify your audience, and increase your visibility on the web.

For example with pedagogy and concrete examples!

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in the program

10:30-11:15 am, Hosted by Alban Renard, Specialization Division Manager, and Arnaud MION, Senior SEA/Media Consultant

For an Internet user, Google is a tool that makes it possible to receive a selection of answers suited to his requests, needs, desires … The complex operation of the back office of Google services is of little importance to him, and there is little to differentiate. A result that is part of an organic or advertising result is not always readable.

For these reasons, and to maximize the impact and visibility coverage of your brand, it is essential to think about your webmarketing functions holistically: search, purchase, display, YouTube, search, etc. So many levers to use to combine organic visibility and an advertising campaign targeted at the right audience.

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2: Master all aspects of your site redesign: from technical to SEO

11h15-12h00, led by Hélène DOMERGUE, Head of SEO/SEA CyberCité Group, and Philippe Cavallini, ITIS Commerce Technical Director

Redesign is an important step in the life cycle of your website, which can sometimes complicate the experience. In fact, there is an inherent risk to take into account: your SEO position and your traffic could be permanently affected. ITIS Commerce (web agency) and Cybersite (search marketing agency) will share with you the points of caution to be aware of for a successful redesign, based on concrete examples, especially with the Siddeep client case.

On the agenda for this conference:

  • benefits of site redesign;
  • Methodology: Organization of a redesign, management and project monitoring with Dev Agency and SEO Agency;
  • SEO and technical implementation: updating CMS (Prestashop) and modules, cleaning up product catalogs and optimizing tree structure, GDPR compliance (Cookiebot), analytics tracking, etc .;
  • Outcomes and key success factors.

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2:00-2:45 PM Moderated by Emily Sericier, SEA/Senior Media Consultant

Performance Max is a new type of campaign based on conversion objectives that allows advertisers with a performance-oriented SEA strategy to access all Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. During this webinar, SEA Advisor will break down the key products of 2022: performance, optimization and analytics to be done.

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4: NEW GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4: From theory to practice, undergo migration

2:45-3:30 p.m. Moderated by Cedric SONREL, Data Analytics Division Manager

As of March 16, Google has announced the termination of Universal Analytics in favor of its new version, Google Analytics 4. New collection method, new interface, new KPI… What changes in this 4th version of Google Tools! With the essential vision on its use and all the changes, you will see the main contributions of this new interface, as well as the challenges in terms of data, during this webinar.

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5: On the importance of an ethical and more transparent impact to your social media strategy

3:30-4:15 PM, Moderated by Margot Henry, Social Media and Influence Strategist Only So

At a time when the influence market continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult for communities and Internet users to see this clearly. Hidden involvement, profession still poorly understood, dubious intentions or false messages… Consumer beware! To regain their trust but stand out from the competition, content creators and brands must be more transparent and promote their messages, commitments and values ​​to their target audiences. Overview of expectations and suggestions to make impact more ethical and transparent, while optimizing your social media strategy!

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Article written in collaboration with CyberSite.

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