Create AR filters with ease!

Want to create a filter on TikTok? The platform is working on building an augmented reality (AR) based feature called Effect House.

You can now create AR effects on TikTok

TikTok officially launched “Effect House”, a feature that allows creators to create video effects and filters based on Augmented Reality.

Similar to Snapchat’s “Lens Studio” and Meta’s “Spark AR,” Effects House offers a variety of templates and tools to simplify the process. As a reminder, “Lens Studio”

Is an augmented reality tool released by Snapchat in 2017 that allows you to create both world lenses (rear camera experience) and face lenses (front camera experience). To create a world lens, check out the world template offered by Lens Studio. On the other hand, for face lenses, see the face models offered. Manufacturers can create their own personalized lens experiences.

For its part, Meta’s Spark allows AR content creators to develop, test, and publish immersive experiences. In December 2021, the company launched Spark AR Go for Android and iOS to enable AR web effects and 3D content found in its platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

But back to “Effect House”. TikTok said:

“With the launch of the Effect House beta, we look forward to seeing more creators around the world develop engaging and exciting effects for our global community. (…)

Whether you teleport to new worlds with Green Screen (Green Screen Effect) or Freeze Frame with Time Warp Scan (an effect to twist time and space), creative effects allow creators to express themselves, entertain and create stories. allow sharing through a wide range. Attractive and immersive format”.

Impact House provides learning tools and resources to help make an immersive and dynamic impact for the global TikTok community. From your base effect template, you can add multiple elements to customize your AR effect, making any type of face you want.

TikTok also seeks to encourage pure creativity, not as opposed to effects that make people look better or could potentially be used in negative ways.

In addition to general community guidelines, AR effects must follow TikTok’s impact rules. New influences should not promote colorism, a form of discrimination, for example, negative stereotypes, or portray cosmetic surgery.

All submitted items are reviewed by the Platform’s Trust and Security team. Those who break the rules will be removed and warned. Approved effects, on the other hand, will be broadcast to the entire TikTok community, allowing creators to generate immense visibility and engagement.

The effect house of Tiktok has already proved itself

In addition to its augmented reality-based effects elements, TikTok’s Effect House includes case studies, creator share stories, and tutorials to help you improve your social media strategy.

The initiative also allows top influencers to monetize their content by partnering with sponsor brands. And it has already proven itself, as more than 450 creators have posted influencer on TikTok so far. More than 1.5 billion videos have also been viewed over 600 billion times worldwide.

For now, this new feature is still in beta, but you can still try accessing it here.

Source: Tik Tok

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